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Everyone loves to consume and share valuable content. This is why creating valuable content should be a priority for every blogger and marketers.

As a matter of fact, content is a powerful marketing weapon in the hands of creative content marketers. With the right writing tools, you can easily create great content that can offer you a great opportunity to positively tell your stories.

In fact, successful marketers have used content to grow their client’s business and drive web traffic to their websites. Keeping customers happy and attracting new customers is a top priority for any business owner.

But how do you achieve this goal? First, captivate your audience’s attention in order to transform them into prospective buyers. You can create and use your content for this purpose too.

However, your story has to be relevant and somehow resonate with your audience. This means your audience should be able to relate to your story and they won’t mind sharing it with friends.

How to create valuable content

It’s not about the quantity of the content you are creating, it’s more about the quality. It’s all about creating content that drives growth for your business.

This is what you should always remember whenever you are creating content for your audience. The fact is that your content can only achieve its objective if your audience finds it interesting.

“Let your audience relate to your story and they won’t mind sharing with friends”

For this reason, it’s important that you always take readers into consideration when creating content. Write about what people will find interesting.


Tell stories that will inspire people; stories that will motivate people and offer them hope. So, if you want people to share your content, below are some of the creative ways to create valuable content people are likely to share.

blogging is now a profitable business

#1]. Provide or offer solution

A higher percentage of search engine users are looking for information that will help them solve a particular problem. You can always target this huge number of people by creating content that helps solve their problems.

Bloggers will particularly benefit immensely from helping people solve problems. No matter what you blog about, offering people solutions is one of the best ways to make yourself an expert. For instance, you can post content with such headlines like:

#2]. Write about alternative tools

Always create content that people will likely share
Always create content that people will likely share

From social media management tools to such tools as invoicing tools for small businesses, a lot of people out there are looking for alternative tools for their businesses.

The fact is that a great number of people on the internet are looking for alternative apps or tools either for private use or to power their business.

You can tap into this by writing content about alternative tools to a particular tool. This kind of content usually performs better on the search engine and it’ll drive good web traffic to your website. You can use such headlines as:

#3]. Focus on your industry

Make sure you always focus on your industry when creating content because there is no point in writing content for an audience that has no interest in it.

“Offering quality content is arguably the best way to create a name for yourself!”

We can all agree that the internet is like a massive library of information. However, people are only interested in content that is relevant to them. When you offer quality content, you are creating a name for yourself and your audience will trust you.

You should be aware of the fact that a big chunk of the information out there was not created with the readers in mind. This is why you should make yourself stand out amongst your peers. People that value relevant and great content will always look forward to your latest posts.

Furthermore, the best thing is that they will always share your content on social media platforms for others to read. You can easily promote quality content to a relevant audience for higher conversions.

#4]. Offer reviews and expert opinions

The internet is the number one place people go to when they want to buy new products. Apart from using the internet for online shopping, consumers also use it to research products they want to buy.


“Review products and share your honest opinions to help your audience make decisions.”

In most cases, consumers want to know how good the products they wanted to buy are. They want to know how other people about the products before they buy them.

In this age of blogging and content marketing, offering an expert opinion is another great way to create content that people will likely share.

Bloggers can create content that fits this purpose by reviewing products they like and recommend them to their audience. Also, businesses can create something like promotional content about their products and services.

#5]. Share your success stories

Storytelling offers you a great avenue to capture your audience’s attention, especially, when you tell success stories that resonate with people. Not only that, but you can also use storytelling to build and promoteyour brand online.

“Sharing your success stories doesn’t have to be about bragging but about inspiring your audience!”

You can share your business’s success story by posting information and images from behind the scenes of your business. This is a great way not only to show people what you do and how you do it but also to inspire them.

Also, you can use this strategy to develop a relationship with your readers. Sharing your success stories is also an excellent way to build your business’s credibility. However, you don’t have to be overly promotional about it.

Be mindful of the fact that sharing your success stories is not about bragging but inspiring others. People want to know about your humble beginning and possibly how you climb the ladder to the top. A lot of people out there like this kind of content because they can easily relate to it. Trust me, they will share such content with friends and family members on social media.


Creative Ways To Create Valuable Content People Are Likely To Share
PIN IT: Creative Ways To Create Valuable Content People Are Likely To Share
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  1. Content is one of the key aspects of marketing and this is why it’s important to always create valuable content that will compel people to take action.


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