No doubt about it, social media channels like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn have become essential marketing tools.

In fact, social media offers one of the best and most effective marketing strategies for small businesses.

However, it’s easy for businesses to be on any of these social media channels but how do you make it work for your business?

Top brands and online marketers understand the importance of social media, they are already cashing in on its popularity.

However, it’s not that easy to market your business through social networking sites, especially if you are new to any of these social networks.

This means you will have to start from scratch. You can comb the internet for resources and learn how well small businesses are using social media for marketing.

Using Facebook Marketing Strategy To Grow Your Business

For so many small business owners, Facebook is the right place to get started. The platform offers some of the best marketing tools to Kick-start your business‘s online branding.

social media engagements
You can boost social media engagements

Build a Facebook marketing strategy by creating a business page dedicated to your business. Don’t know where to start?

Create a Facebook page for your business, fill in all the necessary information such as business name, contact information, open hours, business logo etc.

You can use this Facebook marketing strategy to achieve 3 essential goals such as to increase followers, promote your brand and increase its credibility.

Also, you can use the strategy to get followers to engage with your content. You can replicate this marketing strategy for other social networking sites to promote your business.

How To Easily Make Social Media Work For Your Business

However, you will have to be patient because it does take time to make headway. Be aware that your brand is new and unknown to your target audience; it will take you sometimes to build a brand on social media.

Below are some of the best ways to use social media to grow your online business – particularly the most effective hacks that worked for me as an entrepreneur who was just a beginner.

#1]. Consistently share valuable content

Sharing valuable posts and content that includes articles, blog posts, images and others is the best way to improve visibility. However, you will have to be consistent about it. In short, being consistent is extremely important if you truly want social media to work for your business.

Also, you have to make sure that the posts you share are related to your industry and to your target audience. Great content either created by you or experts in the industry will add more value to your credibility. This is the most potent way to improve engagement and attract more followers to your social media profiles.

#2. Share product videos and related content

Various studies have shown that videos perform and offer better results when it comes to online marketing. This is why you should be serious about sharing your product videos on your social media. The fact is that your audience wants to see what you are selling and a short video clip is the best way to show them.

However, relevancy should be your number one priority because it’s not just about sharing any video on social media. It’s not about the number of the videos you share, it’s about the quality and relevancy of the message. You can share hundreds of videos and get nothing back. However, you could share just one video and enjoy hundreds of engagement.

#3. Share valuable infographics weekly

Just like video content, sharing valuable infographics also offer better results on social media. Infographics help you combine graphics and content as well as valuable data for your audience to engage.

This means you will be able to present valuable information to your audiences and followers in a compelling way. You can even re-purpose your old blog posts and turn them into awesome infographics. They are more effective in boosting engagement compared to blog posts or images.

#4. Use social media advertising

All the major social media platforms now offer advertising opportunities that you can also tap into for your business. For example, Facebook ads offer great returns on investments and lets you find your potential clients easily.

There has never been a marketing tool quite like social media
There has never been a marketing tool quite like social media

You can use social media advertising to boost sales to your website, increase downloads to your app or increase brand awareness.

The good thing is that these social media platforms let you set the amount you want to spend on adverts. However, the more financial resources you have, the better audiences your business will reach.

Select the audience you want to reach out and set the budget, pick a format and start running your ad campaign. Another good thing is that social media ads let you track how your ad is performing and make adjustments if needed.

#5. Brand the content you create and share

Branding your content is another way to make social media work your business marketing. By this I mean you should always brand any image, infographic, video and other content you create for better results. Whenever you create awesome content, you have to let your audience know you created it.

You can easily do this by inserting your business logo in the image, video or infographic you created. Also, you can use a watermark to write your website address on the image. This means that whenever your followers share your content, it would help expose your brand to a whole new audience.

#6.] Take the advantage of special occasions

You can also take the advantage of special occasions to cash in on the popularity of the major social media platforms. This is a marketing strategy that has worked for top brands and you too can benefit from it.

Holiday seasons such as Christmas and New Year offer a perfect opportunity to market your business to a wider audience. Special days or occasions could also be Valentine Day, Independence Day, Halloween and other important days. You can create a post, a mini-infographic or a short clip and share it on social media with related hashtags.

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Various studies have shown that content related to special occasions tend to go viral compared to the normal day. So there is a possibility that your content could well end up reaching a much wider audience. However, make sure you choose your subject matter wisely and create something unique, and keep a calendar marking the special days throughout the year.


Creative Ways To Make Social Media Work For Your Business
PIN IT: 6 Creative Ways To Make Social Media Work For Your Business

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