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Nowadays, workflow automation tools have become essential in managing day-to-day workforce tasks in order to boost productivity.

There is more to running a business nowadays, and in most cases, it requires having the right business tools to power your workplace productivity.

From human resources to finance, marketing, and even information technology (IT), workflow automation can help free businesses or companies from the burden of manual processes.

In most cases, modern workplaces require team building and if your team has any recurring tasks, then workflow automation can save you time.

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What’s workflow automation?

So, what is workflow automation? It simply refers to the use of software to complete some tasks and activities, without the need for human input.

Workflow automation, in its simplest form, is the process of launching a set of tasks that operate autonomously without human intervention.

In essence, workflow automation is the process of using rule-based argumentation to launch a series of tasks. Furthermore, these tasks usually run on their own and without any human intervention or input.

It usually entails the design, implementation, and automation of workflow-based procedures in which work-related tasks, information, or files are transferred between systems or people based on presumed business standards.

Benefits of workflow automation

So, what are the benefits of workflow automation and how does it help businesses? We all know that a lot of workflows contain manual operations that are expensive, time-consuming, and prone to mistakes.


Workflow automation helps you simplify tasks, manage a fully remote workforce, and timely get things done with ease.

This is one of the reasons why business owners should have the right workflow automation tools to automate tasks and other processes.

There are several other areas automation tools can help your business grow. However, going totally automation is not that straightforward.

In fact, it can be a daunting task nowadays. However, by automating workflows, companies reduce the need for manual work and repetitive tasks.

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areas where automation tools help your business grow

Workflow automation tools to use

Workflow automation tools help your team work faster, easier, and consistent. They are the tools you need modernize take your business with ease.

So, what are the benefits of workflow automation and how does it help businesses? We all know that a lot of workflows contain manual operations that are expensive, time-consuming, and prone to mistakes.

Additionally, the tools can also help businesses digitalize their workforce. Below are some of the best alternative workflow automation tools to use now.

#1]. Yoroflow

Power your team workflow with Yoroflow

Yoroflow is an all-in-one no-code workflow and process automation platform for businesses to streamline and digitalize workforce.

This is a web-based, intuitive, workflow automation management platform for businesses to automate, and optimize business process management.

With this tool, tasks are done at a 10X rapid speed and reduced cost without any errors. Additionally, it comes with all advanced technologies and robust set of no-code workflow automation features to boost productivity and growth.

#2]. Monday

Automate your team workflow with Monday

No doubt, is one of the best alternative tools for task tracking and project management as well as workflow automation.


In other words, investing in this powerful platform offers your team members excellent, structured ways to manage their deadlines with ease. is an all-in-one platforms that lets you assign tasks to certain collaborators, set deadlines, and add comments. Also, you can add subtasks within a larger project and collaborate with each other.

#3]. Pipefy

Power your business automation with Pipefy

Loved by high-performing teams, Pipefy is a powerful workflow automation tool that can transform the way you manage and collaborate with your teams.

Also, this tool lets you design and automate business workflows in minutes. It means you can automate busywork and focus on work that matters as well as resolve requests with heroic efficiency.

#4]. Jira software

Use Jira to empower your teams to work with agility

Jira software is a powerful workflow automation solution that offers a collection of tools for team work, project planning and management.

It lets you plan, monitor, and finalize complex projects with ease. Also, it empowers all teams to work with agility, and provides visibility into team performance and organization.

Take your business to the next level with a powerful tool that allows teams to effectively track issues, manage projects, and automate workflows.

#5]. Wrike

Use Wrike to boost productivity and focus on work that drives ROI

Wrike is a powerful tool to streamline work processes for maximum efficiency. It empowers teams across all departments to collaborate, manage projects, drive strategic initiatives, and achieve goals.

Now you can transform the way your teams work by empowering them with a true cross-departmental collaboration, and powerful workflow automation.

This is one of the most versatile work management platform to maximize your team’s performance, accelerate growth, and improve customer experience. It offers unique and extensive customization features that makes work seamless for any team or department.

#6]. Kissflow

Use Kissflow to automate your team workflow

Kissflow lets you experience the simplicity of no-code with the power of low-code to embark on an enterprise-wide digital transformation journey.

Additionally, the tool helps people to easily automate workflows and reduce chaos. It offers powerful features to fuel your workflow efficiency by empowering your teams to build their own workflows.


#7]. ClickUp

Boost your team productivity with ClickUP

ClickUp is an all-in-one powerful productivity platform to create tasks. Also, it helps save time and make your personal and work lives more productive.

This is an AI-powered platform that lets you easily plan, organize, and collaborate on work. Work faster, write smarter, and ignite your creativity with hundreds of expertly crafted prompts for every use case.

This is a platform that lets you manage any project from start to finish with highly customizable views that make project planning a breeze.

#8]. ProofHub

Use ProofHub's one unified workspace to power your team

ProofHub is another great tool for project management, collaboration and workflow automation. The tool helps streamline workflows and improve team productivity.

The platform offers a wide range of supports and features, including task management, document sharing, and team collaboration. Also, it offers time tracking and many more tools to help boost your team productivity.

Furthermore, you can easily create custom workflows to map your team’s process from start to finish. Use them to track how tasks progress from idea to completion and keep everyone on the same page as work progresses.


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