Must-Have Invoicing Tools For Small Businesses

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We all know that creating invoices is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects of entrepreneurship and running a successful small business.

But the fact is that creating better invoices is not as easy and straightforward as you might think, especially, if you want to properly document them for your business finance and records.

The most commonly used means of creating invoices is through popular software such as Google Document and/or Microsoft Word Document.

It’s not that these two popular tools are not good, yes they are very good. But the fact is that using them to create invoices will be time-consuming because they’re not specifically made for such important activities.

Invoicing tools for small businesses

So how do you create better invoices without spending much of your time? The best option is to use reliable invoicing tools and software that are specifically made for the purpose.

Unlike Google Docs and MS Word, reliable invoicing software offers better options for creating elegant invoices. These must-have powerful invoicing tools also come with different kinds of templates and inbuilt tools to make your invoices professionally look great.

They even offer tools to automatically send the invoice out. Below are some of the most powerful tools small businesses and freelancers can use to create great-looking invoices:


FreshBooks is easy to use and you can try it for free
FreshBooks is easy to use and you can try it for free

FreshBooks is one of the most popular online accounting tools that offer invoicing and time tracking service that saves you time and makes you look professional.

This business tool lets you create professional-looking invoices complete with your own logo. When you’re ready to bill your client, simply send your invoice via email, download a PDF or print it.

#2]. ZipBooks

Wherever your mobile devices go, ZipBooks goes with them
Wherever your mobile devices go, ZipBooks goes with them

ZipBooks claims to be the best free FreshBooks alternative for contractors, consultants, and small businesses; offering faster cash flow and on-the-go invoicing. It provides you with invoicing software that is crisp and easy to use.

The tool is perfectly made for any small business to thrive. You can receive payments up to five days sooner, and stop sending paperwork back and forth manually by mail or email.

#3]. BlinkSale

BlinkSale helps you to easily create invoices that impress
Easily create invoices with BlinkSale

BlinkSale is another really good invoicing tool that offers a convenient way to keep on top of your time, invoice preparations, and a bit of documentation as well.

It makes sending invoices and tracking payments one of the simplest things to do. With this tool, you get to choose from many estimate invoices, reminder and thank you note formats which you can easily customize.

#4]. Ballpark

Ballpark lets clients easily process payments through Paypal or Stripe
Process payments through Paypal or Stripe with Ballpark

Ballpark is another must-have powerful invoicing tool for small businesses and freelancers that offers really beautiful and easy-to-scan invoice templates.

This invoicing tool helps you make estimates, and you can easily turn an estimate into quotations and into an invoice once it is time to ask for payment. Its features include a mobile app, time tracker, payments monitor, etc.

#5]. Harvest

Harvest lets you easily create personalised estimates
Create personalized estaimates with Harvest

Harvest has one of the most powerful time-tracking and invoicing tools out there. It’s easy to use and its features include online payment services.

It offers simple but sleek invoice templates you can easily customize. It lets you easily track time, input data, and automatically generate invoices.

#6]. Zervant

Zervant helps make running a small business as simple as possible
Run your business with Zervant

Zervant is a good online invoicing software and expense management tool for small business owners as well as freelancers. The tool helps you manage simple and straightforward tasks such as creating invoices and tracking time.

Additionally, you can even keep an eye on business expenses. It currently serves thousands of companies and it’s available in English, French, German, Dutch, Swedish, etc.

#7]. Hiveage

Hiveage is one of the most beautiful invoicing tools in the market today
Use Hiveage to create beautiful invoices

Hiveage is one of the best online billing and invoice tools. It helps you send invoices, track time, expenses, and mileage. Also, the tool lets you create and send professional-looking invoices and estimates with just a few clicks.

Furthermore, you can also auto-generate recurring invoices and accept payments via popular online payments services like Paypal.

#8]. Street Invoice

Street Invoice lets you customise your invoices by adding logo, contact information and branding
Create invoices with Street Invoice

StreetInvoice is another powerful but easy-to-use invoicing tool small businesses and freelancers can use to create and send really beautiful invoices that can be easily personalized.

Also, it helps you get paid in real-time; select your customer from the contact list, choose products and services and the tool will calculate taxes and totals for you. You can also brand invoices by adding your business logo and contact info.

#9]. LessAccounting

Try LessAccounting, it offers more than creating beautiful invoices
Use LessAccounting to create beautiful invoices

LessAccounting is a powerful but easy-to-use accounting system that automates bookkeeping, proposals, expense tracking, invoicing, and even contact management.

This powerful tool is designed for small businesses and freelancers. It offers powerful invoice templates that can be easily personalized. You can send invoices, track payments and even accept payments via Paypal.

#10]. MoneyPenny

MoneyPenny is a powerful tool for small businesses and freelancers
Keep your invoices simple and professional with MoneyPenny

MoneyPenny is arguably the smartest cloud invoicing software with time tracking for small businesses and freelancers. It lets you track time, projects, teams, and expenses from any device.

This business tool works wherever you are with apps for iPhone, Android phones, and tablets. Keep invoices simple and professional, and get paid faster.




10 Must-Have Invoicing Tools For Small Businesses and Freelancers
PIN IT: 10 Must-Have Invoicing Tools For Small Businesses and Freelancers

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