Alternative eCommerce Tools To Power Your Business

Having the right business tools to manage your startup is essential for better ROIs. Check out the best alternative eCommerce tools to power your business...

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Running an eCommerce start-up ain’t that easy. However, there are great eCommerce tools that can help you achieve your business goals.

Truly, entrepreneurship is not for everyone because there is more to running a business than meets the eye. In other words, entrepreneurship requires positive attitudes as well as having the right tools to run your startup.

Nowadays, businesses are switching to e-commerce platforms in order to expand their customer base and keep up with the changing industry.

As a business owner, there is a range of digital tools (both free and premium) out there that you can use to run your business smoothly.

These tools can effectively help you run your business’s everyday activities, maintain client interactions, and easily control logistical operations.

However, it’s all about choosing the right business tools that could be the best fit to help take your business to the next level.

Alternative eCommerce tools

No doubt, online shopping has become an integral part of our life. From selling on eBay to Amazon and even AliExpress, there are several alternative online marketplaces where people can sell stuff online to make money.

However, some entrepreneurs prefer to run their eCommerce business without using third-party eCommerce platforms like eBay and Amazon.

You too can decide to run your own eCommerce business without using the likes of eBay and Amazon. Mind you, this may require you having or making use of more digital eCommerce tools to smoothly run your business.

Having the right eCommerce tools means that you’ll be able to effectively manage your online presence, sales operations and customer relationships.

These business tools can also help you to easily automate operations, which is useful when transitioning into an e-commerce format. Below are some of the alternative eCommerce tools that you can use:

#1]. Research tools

Research your industry with the right tools

Every business owner needs to have the right research tool in order to be able to understand more about the industry, customers and competitors.

With research powerful tools, you will be able to have satisfactory insights into the products, prices, services, as well as content and marketing information of the competitors.

Furthermore, this means you will be able to identify improvement opportunities when it comes to business strategies and marketing campaigns. Below are some research tools you might consider to power your eCommerce business:

  • Powerful tool to start and scale your ecommerce business.
  • HelpScout: Manage and talk with your customers with ease.
  • Lets you discover top dropshipping suppliers of products.

#2]. Business tools

Power your eCommerce with the right business tools

With the right business tools, you will be able to easily manage daily operations and analyse your business’s performance as well as online sales.

Furthermore, some business tools like QuickBooks are designed to let you track and manage your business finance, including expenses and revenue generated.

By using the right business tools, you’ll be able to generate performance reports offering valuable insight into various business operations. Below are some business tools you might consider to power your eCommerce business:

  • Offers great tools to optimize agreement workflows.
  • QuickBooks: Lets you manage your business finances with ease.
  • Gorgias: eCommerce helpdesk you need to grow your business.
  • Packhelp: Provides custom packaging solutions for SMBs.
  • Offers one of the best eSignature solutions.

#3]. Marketing tools

Use the right marketing tools to expand your brand

Marketing is an integra part of running and managing a business, and it’s one of the reasons why so many businesses have failed to survive.

In essence, marketing tools can help businesses to increase brand’s visibility. Additionally, it can also create an avenue for your brand to easily reach potential customers wherever they are.

Furthermore, using effective marketing tools, you can gain better search engine visibility and boost consumer awareness.

Below are some marketing tools you might consider to power your eCommerce business:

  • Offers simple, no-code tools to acquire qualified leads.
  • Helps you identify and land your dream customers.
  • Offers marketing tools to turn web visitors into customers.
  • Lets you use AI to generate ad creatives for marketing.
  • Offers tools to scale and simplify your eCommerce business.
  • Moosend: Offers the easiest and most modern email marketing solution.
  • Cakemail: Lets you create captivating email campaigns with ease.

#4]. Web tools

Power your eCommerce business with the right web tools

The goal of every eCommerce entrepreneur is make sales, and you can achieve this is by creating a visually appealing and simple to use website.

With the right web tools, you can create a simple but effective user interface for potential customers. As a result, this can help boost customer satisfaction and improve sales and revenue.

There are several web publishing platforms out there that you use and most of offer customizable themes. Below are some web tools you might consider to power your eCommerce business:

  • Pagecloud: Offers tools to build high-performing business websites.
  • Shopify: Provides the tools you need to launch eCommerce business.
  • Themeforest: Offers 1000+ WordPress themes for eCommerce biz.
  • Instapage: Lets you build beautiful landing pages to for your business.
  • Phonesites: Lets you build websites, landing pages, with your phone.

#5]. Analytics tools

Analyse your business with the right tools

As an eCommerce entrepreneur, analytics tools are one of the essential solutions that you will need to understand your business’s performance.

With these powerful tools, you will be able to understand your business growth. Also, you’ll be able to quickly identify improvement opportunities with your current eCommerce strategies.

Analytics tools have the capability to provide reports on a range of performance metrics, such as sales, consumer engagement, customer satisfaction, and logistics. Below are some analytics tools to power your eCommerce business:

  • The leading 20-in-1 SEO tool to research your competitors.
  • AdClarity: Lets you unwrap competitors’ ad spend and impressions.
  • Leadfeeder: Turn your website pageviews into the pipeline.

#6]. Social media management tools

Use the right social media management tools

As an eCommerce entrepreneur, it’s important to have a strong social media presence because social media platform is where to meet your potential customers.

However, you may have to invest in social media management tools to maximize your brand’s social media presence. Also, you’ll have the right insights into how well your brand is performing.

These are essential tools that can help your brand to foster a positive reputation and easily interact with its customers. Below are some social media management tools you might consider to power your eCommerce business:

  • SproutSocial: Offers an all-in-one social media management platform.
  • SocialBee: Lets you manage social media accounts from one place.
  • SocialBoost: Offers tools to grow your Instagram with real followers.

#7]. CRM tools

Use Wrike to boost productivity and focus on work that drives ROI

Customer relationship management (CRM) tools are also essential. They help you improve customer experience and provide better customer support.

When it comes to running a modern eCommerce business, CRM tools enable businesses to communicate with customers and resolve any consumer concerns.

In short, this is the tool you need to enhance customer engagement, customer loyalty and boost overall sales. Below are some CRM tools you might consider to power your eCommerce business:

  • Monday: An all-in-one Work OS to manage and grow your business.
  • Keap: A powerful automation platform for CRM, sales, marketing.
  • Offers fast, simple CRM built for speed and productivity.
  • Lets you set achievable goals and manage your team with ease.

#8]. Logistics tools

Use logistics tools to drives your sales ROI

Logistics is an integral part of eCommerce business and if you really want to succeed as an entrepreneur, you will need to have the right logistics tools.

Most of these logistics tools also include order fulfilment solutions. Additionally, it offers tools to help you track inventory, create supply orders and effectively monitor customer shipments.

Furthermore, you will be able to analyse and determine the effectiveness of your supply chain performance, generate invoices and create packing slips. Below are some logistics tools to power your eCommerce business:

  • Lets you discover top dropshipping suppliers of products.
  • ShipBob: This is a global fulfilment solution trusted by 7,000+ brands.


Best eCommerce Tools To Power eCommerce Start-Ups
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