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5 SMART Ways Freelancers Can Get More Freelance Jobs

Adeyemi Adisa By Adeyemi Adisa 8 Min Read
how to easily get more freelance jobs

There are lots of excellent freelance marketplaces out there but it’s not really that easy for freelancers to get jobs.

Nowadays, freelance markets are so competitive that freelancers will have to do more to get enough freelance jobs.

It’s not just easy, especially, if you are new to the freelance marketplace. Reputation comes first in freelancing world; it’s one of the most valuable criteria that convince people to do business with you.

As the market becomes more competitive, you will have to do more than just a few sentence of “about me”.

How freelancers can get more freelance jobs

Hubstaff, 99 Designs and Fiverr are outstanding platforms for freelancers looking for remote jobs. However, there are other equally excellent Fiverr alternatives and 99 Designs alternatives where freelancers can get good remote jobs.

Credibility and competency are essential for freelancers
Credibility and competency are essential for freelancers

Yes, these freelancing platforms can help you get one or two jobs occasionally but you will have to do more to get a good amount of job offers. As a freelancer, your personal branding is one of the key factors that will get you jobs on these platforms. There are other stuff you will need to be aware of if you really want to get a decent amount of freelance jobs.

#1]. Brand yourself and let people see what you can do

Personal branding is a must if you really want to make it as a freelancer on the freelancing platforms. However, remember that just writing about yourself is not personal branding. You will have to make sure that your profile includes important details such as a professional profile picture. Your profile picture should ensure credibility in what you do.

Apart from that, make sure that your profile title is as straightforward and concise as possible. No ambiguity and don’t sound too “professional” in your profile because some clients don’t like the sound of it. Remember that most prospective clients on freelancing sites are looking for someone who can quickly get things done. They may not be interested if you sound too professional.

Also, you should be aware of the fact that personal branding is not just about writing, it’s also about showing competency in what you do. Credibility and competency are essential to instil confidence in your prospective clients.


#2]. Approach prospective clients as a problem-solver

The importance of being a problem-solver cannot be overemphasised if you really want to attract more clients. As a freelancer, the way you approach potential clients is essential in convincing them to hire you. A serious freelancer will need to present himself/herself as a problem-solver in his or her sales pitch to prospective clients.

Can you solve a compelling problem? You will need to convince potential clients that you possess skills, talents and experiences required for the task. The competitive nature of the freelance markets means that clients are looking for more than just a professional.

Keep in mind that individuals posting ventures have a business issue and need an answer. Be that as it may, they are additionally constrained on time and need to get your point immediately before proceeding onward to another supplier.

#3]. Being flexible means being available for more jobs

You may have the best sales pitch, the best skills and brilliant portfolio, but they may not be enough to get you a decent amount of jobs. At times, you just have to adjust yourself and be more flexible to be able to attract more clients.

A freelancer who only works within specific hours of the day may struggle to get jobs. But the difference will be massive if when you compare this to someone who is always opened for business. If you are serious about what you do and you want to make a decent income from it, being flexible means being available for more jobs.

You can take the advantage of some freelancers who don’t like to work during the weekends and make yourself available. Make your opening hours known on your profile so that your prospective clients can see it.

#4]. Don’t be a jack of all trade and master of none

Prospective clients are looking for freelancers with specific skills and experiences to help provide solutions to their problems. So, make sure your skills and expertise are expressly noted on your profile for prospective clients to see.

The idea is to always go for what you have the skills and capabilities to do. This is the crucial thing you should consider when you are pitching yourself to prospective clients. Go after the right projects that match your skills and capabilities. Don’t let money lure you into accepting jobs you will struggle to do.

#5]. Build up your portfolio, offer excellent services

As a freelancer, having a portfolio of the previous brilliant jobs you have done is a powerful marketing tool you can use to promote yourself. Potential clients will be interested in your portfolio and request for it to know your capabilities and what you have accomplished.

However, building up your portfolio with jobs you have successfully completed may take time, especially, if you are just starting up. Therefore, you will have to be patient and remain focused. Don’t let the frustration of not getting good jobs get into you.

Don’t be tempted to take jobs outside your skills and expertise just to build up your portfolio. You don’t just go for any job, be strong enough to reject jobs you can’t satisfactorily execute. Wait for the right opportunity to get your sales pitch to potential clients who are seriously in need of your expertise.

Also, you will need to build a good reputation for yourself by delivering quality services and meeting the deadline. What you always remember is that delivering excellent services will help you get more jobs through recommendations from satisfied clients.



5 SMART Ways Freelancers Can Get More Freelance Jobs
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