Everyone is concerned about financial freedom. This is why people are ready to do anything to make money online.

But however desperate you are to make money online, it’s important to avoid being caught up in illegal activities.

In fact, there are so many ways to legally make money online. You can make money as a blogger via sponsored articles and display ads.

Not only that, you can also make money online as a social media influencer. However, you will need a good number of engaging followers on your social media account to achieve that.

Also, you can make cool money online as a freelancer working from home. Thank God, there are so many really good freelancing sites out there that you can join to get clients and start earning money.

Best survey websites to earn money taking surveys

Make money online by taking surveys
Make money online by taking surveys

Taking online surveys can also be a good source of income if you have the time and commitment to do it.

Just like mystery shopping, taking surveys though may not pay very much, it provides you with free items or products you can try out.

However, you will need a great deal of commitment to make money online. So, are you looking for websites you where you can earn extra income?

Here is a list of some of the best websites that offer good rewards programmes like taking surveys to earn money online

#1]. Earn money & gift cards with Swagbucks

best surveys websites to make money SWAGBUCKS
make money online with SWAGBUCKS

No doubt about it, Swagbucks has proven itself as one of the best online platforms to earn money online by taking surveys. It’s one of the most popular websites that offer rewards programmes such as free gift cards and cash for the everyday things you already do online. Members can earn Free Gift Cards, money or points when they shop at their favourite retailers.

Also, you can get rewards for watching entertaining videos, search the web, answer surveys and find great deals. The website lets you redeem points for gift cards to your favourite retailers like Amazon and Walmart or get cash back from Paypal. Swagbucks has already paid out over $150 Million in cash and free gift cards to its members. Sign up here now and you too can earn money with Swagbucks.

#2]. Earn cash with SurveyJunkie

best surveys websites to make money SURVEYJUNKIE
make money online with Survey Junkie

SurveyJunkie is another popular online destination to earn cash and rewards for sharing your thoughts. It is one of the best survey communities with over 3 million dedicated members. The platform opens the window of communication between its members and the brands they love.

At SurveyJunkie, your opinions and suggestions matter as they reflected in the products and services of tomorrow. You can get rewarded for your participation in their rewards program that offers popular gift cards and cashouts via PayPal. Sign up here now and you too can earn money with SurveyJunkie.

#3]. Earn money and rewards with Inboxpounds

best surveys websites to make money INBOXPOUNDS
Make money online with Inboxpounds

Inboxpounds is another good website where members can earn money for taking part in such activities as online surveys, product testing, games etc. This online rewards club pays you cash for your participation in certain activities. Members can earn cash when they are credited for completing offers, taking surveys, playing games, and engaging in many more activities.

The company provides direct cash rewards to millions of their members in the U.S. and U.K. You too can join and start earning money for doing nothing more than what you have loved to do online. Sign up here now and you too can earn money with Inboxpounds.

#4]. Earn money with Opinion Outpost

best surveys websites to make money OPINIONOUTPOST
Make money with Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost is another paid online survey community that allows users to take surveys online for money, points and rewards. The survey platform offers users the opportunity to influence decision-makers by completing paid online surveys about various products and services you know.

Opinion Outpost lets you redeem your rewards in cash or vouchers for every paid online survey you complete. It’s free to join and signing up is quick and easy. You can start taking paid surveys immediately! You can take as many market research surveys as you wish.


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