How do people see your brand on local search engines? What do they remember about your brand?

Local search has been evolving from time to time, and the majority of the stakeholders expect these changes to continue.

The local search space is becoming highly competitive as brands fight for the top spot on the search engines.

Google has decided to regularly reevaluate its algorithms and results pages in its efforts to offer more relevant search results.

This makes keeping up with the latest search trends a full-time job for many marketers.

However, these changes are expected to continue in 2018 as new features and tools become available.

Local Search Is Driving Small Business Growth

Local search is helping small businesses to grow and mobile smart gadgets are playing a major role in this growth. The popularity of smartphones has had a profound impact on business visibility to local consumers.

local search engine marketing
local search engine marketing

Consumers can now find nearby products and services on the smartphone right on the go. Mobile devices are expected to influence $1.4 trillion in local sales by 2021. But how will it affect your business growth?

So why is local search important to your small business? Local searches often lead to action and this helps to boost sales. Attracting the local search market means that you’ll have first access to those who are in the last stage of the sales journey.

As a small business owner, you’ll have to devise means through which you can use local search to your business advantage. You can easily achieve this by optimising your website pages. As Google focuses more on ultra-relevant results, small-business websites with well-crafted content will become even more prominent on the first results page.

Google’s location-based searches

Online search is constantly evolving and this is why it’s important for your business to device means to adapt. Google’s location-based searches are growing rapidly, and so are consumers’ expectations.

So, what key changes should you be aware of this year? Courtesy of MDG Marketing, the infographic below highlights how local search evolves and it offers fresh approaches and statistics. It offers you the tools you need to boost search engine rankings and expand your business.

local search evolved infographic

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