Sunday, May 28, 2023
Leadfeeder helps businesses generate more leads

Leadfeeder Helps Businesses Generate More Leads From Website Visitors

Leadfeeder is a powerful sales and marketing tool for performance-driven teams. Check out how Leadfeeder helps businesses generate more leads from website visitors
Reply.io helps supercharge your sales teams

Reply.io Helps Supercharge Your Sales Team

Reply.io is a powerful sales tool that can help supercharge your sales team. Check out why startups should be using Reply.io to improve sales
4 Tips for Business Recovery Post-Coronavirus

Revealbot Helps Automate Your Ad Strategies

Revealbot is the next-generation digital ads automation platform. Check out why you should automate your ads strategies with Revealbot.
Gmelius lets you manage your projects and teams

Gmelius Lets You Manage Your Clients and Projects inside your inbox

Get Gmelius if you want to manage your clients and projects inside your inbox. Check out how business tools like Gmelius help you to easily track and automate your outbound communications.
Shift App Lets You Take Your Productivity To The Next Level

Shift App Lets You Take Your Productivity To The Next Level

Shift is the desktop app to streamline your accounts, apps, and workflows. Check out how Shift App can help you take your productivity to the next level
Looka Logojoy tool for branding and logo design

Use Looka (Logojoy) To Brand Your Business And Create Beautiful Logos

Check out how Logojoy's AI-powered logo maker uses your inspiration to create a beautiful logo that will make your business stand out unique
create a standout and impressive CV

See How VisualCV Helps You Create a Standout Resume in Minutes

CVs can be tough to write especially when you don’t have the best employment history. VisualCV offers online tools for professionals to create stand-out resumes and portfolios in minutes. It's so easy to use; you can even edit your CV on your mobile device.
Sellfy eCommerce platform for creators

Sellfy Lets You Easily Sell Digital Downloads

Sellfy is one of the best eCommerce platforms for creators to sell digital downloads. Here are some of the key features that set Sellfy apart from other eCommerce platforms.
Pockit prepaid credit card offers the best option

Why You Should Get Pockit Prepaid Credit Card Now

Pockit prepaid credit card easily lets you manage your finances and spending. Pockit offers the best option for both small businesses and individuals.
SecondCloset fullservice storage facility

How SECONDCLOSET Makes Storage Easy For Small Businesses And Everyone

SecondCloset is a Canada-based full-service storage facility provider. See how SecondCloset makes storage easy for small businesses and individuals
meet KUDI.ai

Meet KUDI: A Nigerian Fintech Startup That Lets You Make Payments Via Text Messages

KUDI is a Nigerian Fintech startup that lets people make and receive payments through text messages.
freelancing and freelancer

Hubstaff Talent Helps You Find The World’s Best Remote Talent

Hubstaff Talent is the FREE way to find the world’s best remote talent. Hubstaff Talent is a 100% free resource for companies looking to find remote talent across the globe
Prynt Case for smartphone lovers

Prynt Case Turns Your Smartphone Into An Instant Camera

Now you can turn your smartphone into an instant camera thanks to Prynt Case. Prynt Case is no ordinary phone case, it can print too - it is the world’s first smartphone case that prints!
LIVR for drinkers app

Livr For Drinkers? Social Network That Will Only Let You Log In When Drunk!

LIVR is a new social network that only allows you to login when you are drinking, using a smartphone breathalyser attachment to make sure. LIVR app is due to be released this spring.