The internet has contributed a lot when it comes to business marketing. In fact, it’s having a game-changing effect on how businesses marketing and reach potential customers.

And with social media, businesses are expanding their reach to easily acquire new customers. But how well are businesses using social media in their marketing efforts?

The fact is that advertisers [businesses] always follow consumers wherever they go, and there are millions of them on social media.

Social media is where the world meets, it’s where people go for breaking news and to express their views. In short, social media offers a window of opportunity for businesses to get in front of their potential customers.

How Social Media Changed The Ad Game

The popularity of social media has been disrupting nearly every area of business from marketing to customer services. However, it seems that the advertising industry has been the most disrupted sector when it comes to social media.

How social media has changed the ad game

Simply put, social media is not just a place for people to connect with friends and family members, it has become an ideal landscape for advertisers.

So, how has social media changed the ad game? With social media, advertisers can reach a bigger audience than ever before.

When social media advertising first arrived on the scene, marketers used it to simply connect with their audiences.

However, today’s marketers have had to change many traditional ads approaches to keep up with consumer behavior and technological trends.

Social media is here to stay, and advertisers must adapt in order to engage customers. Courtesy of MDGAdvertising, the infographic below highlights how social media changed the ad game and the key factors influencing the shift toward social media advertising.

how social media changed ad game infographic

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