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Content Marketing Statistics to Drive Your Marketing Strategy [Infographics]

Anthony Williams By Anthony Williams 3 Min Read
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Power your website with SEMrush

As a content marketer, content marketing statistics offers one of the best ways to effectively boost or drive your marketing strategy.

Nowadays, content marketing has become a necessity for brands. It’s meant to help brands reach a wider audience and consequently generate more leads.

As a brand or marketer, the fact is that it’s good to be able to know or have the proper understanding of the trends that shape the industry.

Furthermore, this could help you to stay at the top of your game. As a matter of fact, it could also help to take your game to the next level.


However, we all know the market is extremely competitive. As a brand or marketer, you have to be aware of the happenings in the industry and be able to creatively drive your marketing strategy.

What’s Content Marketing?

What is content marketing and how does it impact brands? Content marketing is a powerful marketing strategy that helps brands to attract, engage, and retain an audience by sharing relevant useful content.

In other words, content marketing strategy focuses on creating and distributing relevant content consistently to attract and retain audiences.

Content marketing is a digital marketing idea or approach that makes use of three types of content below:

  • #1]. Written: blog posts, articles, infographics, etc.
  • #2]. Interactive content: calculators, quizzes, etc.
  • #3]. Visual content: interactive videos, gifs, etc.

Content Marketing Statistics & Marketing Strategy

Content marketing is all about creating valuable content that people are likely going to share for brands to potentially generate leads.


However, it’s not just about knowing the type of content you should create. As a matter of fact, you should also know the platforms where you should promote your content.

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  • AI-powered interactive content tools to boost your sales.
  • Add real value to your marketing with interactive content.
  • Boost engagement and conversion with Quizzes & Calculators.
  • Boost conversions & improve the ROI of your marketing.
  • Audience segmentation and targeted sales.

In addition, using a content creation platform like Outgrow could help you create engaging content to include in your marketing strategy.

In essence, trying out interactive content can boost your content marketing efforts and make your life easier. Courtesy of Outgrow, the infographic below showcases content marketing statistics to drive your marketing strategy.

Content marketing statistics infographic
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