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The Very Best And Legal Ways To Make Money Online Part 2

Money Matters Editor By Money Matters Editor 6 Min Read

Making money online couldn’t have been easier as blogging, social networking, playing games, posting on forums, etc have made the internet a world of moneymaking.

Many young men and women are busy blogging, networking, etc to make money right from the comfort corner of their room.

This is a continuation post of The best and legal way to make money online!

#3). Make money via membership programs

A blog is a great place to market your own products and services. Instead of earning an affiliate’s commission, you can earn a full profit margin from the sale of one of your own products.

Your products might include books, CDs, eBooks, subscriptions to newsletters, or services like consulting, coaching, or teleseminars. Starting your own membership program is a great way to really make some good cash…

Case Study
An early blog on SEO used to monetize by selling advertising on the blog. It wasn’t making very much money. It decided to sell a membership website for its top content and for SEO support. Today, that site has almost 300 members paying $300 a month.

That’s almost $90,000 a month. There’s no way you’ll ever make that kind of money by doing AdSense or affiliate programs. A membership program can be anywhere from $5 a month for frivolous content to $2,000 a month for high-end business programs.

#4). Paid product reviews

Another proven way to make money online with your blog is to do paid product reviews. Note that people pay you just to do the reviews, NOT to say positive things about their product. They’re paying you for exposure, not for you to change your opinion.

It’s important for you to keep your journalistic integrity and only publish what you truly think, or you’ll risk losing your audience. Paid reviews are especially common in industries where people are doing a lot of shopping, such as the iPhone app market.


#5). Make money through donations

Those who visit your blog regularly probably like what you have to say and value what your blog provides. Many are happy to support your efforts some through monetary donations. Give visitors a way to express their appreciation through voluntary contributions; this can result in income for your blog.

You should not always expect everyone to donate towards your website’s expenses because you should consider that not all the visitors to your website will contribute monetarily towards up-keeping your website. Having said that, there are still some people out there that would find your content very useful and they wouldn’t mind contributing to help you finance some of your expenses.

Meanwhile, it’s advisable not to be specific with the amount you want would like as donations because this could actually put some people off.

#6). Selling advertisements to others

This is another really good way to make money online but it depends on the number of readers or site visitors. You may have the right target audience for other advertisers. If you avoid conflicts of interest between the products you sell and advertisers, charging others to advertise on your blog site is an excellent source of income.

The more traffic you have, the more attractive you are to advertisers, which justifies higher prices for ad placements. Don’t overload your blog with advertisements; instead, place them strategically throughout your site.

#7). Selling/renting database of blog followers

Mailing and e-mail lists have value. Selling or renting your database of readers who follow and contribute to your blog is a source of revenue.

Remember, though, that your blog’s followers may prefer you keep their names private; disclosing your policy right on your blog page or offering an opt-in option is always good practice.

#8). Multiple streams of income

You can always pursue more than one money-making strategy. Creating multiple streams of income is just smart in any business venture. Broadening your income base also broadens your appeal to your audience and increases your opportunities to generate more income.

Diversity on your income stream is also smart so that if one income stream goes away, you will have others to keep the ball rolling.

Also, don’t forget that many people access blogs through what is known as a “blog aggregator” in which only the headline of the blog shows up when the user is surfing the Internet for relevant information.


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