Best Alternative Sponsored Post Networks For Bloggers

Are you a blogger looking for ways to monetize your blog? This article features some of the best alternative sponsored post networks for bloggers to make money online...

how bloggers can get sponsored content

Being able to legally make money online is a mission for every blogger. But there are great sponsored post networks out there for bloggers to make money.

There is more to blogging nowadays. In fact, it’s not an overstatement to say that there is more to blogging than just writing and posting stories and blog posts.

How to start a profitable blogging business

The fact is that blogging is no longer a hobby, in fact, blogging is a profitable online business and it doesn’t cost much to start.

However, if you are just planning to start your blog, don’t let money be your number one motivation. First of all, you have to make sure that you build a platform with great content.

This should be your main goal! As a blogger, the best way to make passive income through your blog is to create quality and SEO-friendly content.

It’s all about creating valuable content people are likely going to share. The fact is that creating SEO-friendly content is arguably the best way to grow your blog in the long run.

This is because your content will be able to attract organic web traffic to your blog.

Alternative sponsored post networks

Sponsored content offers a great way for brands or advertisers to expand their reach. It is a new way of business marketing, advertising, and product promotion.

Although sponsored posts have been around for a while, they are now gaining more popularity. Why? Probably because brands now understand the importance of expanding their reach.

Also, because of that fact that it helps in link building, which is good for SEO. For brands and marketers, it’s all about healthy link-building.

As a blogger, your platform offers an avenue for brands and marketers to build links around their sites and products. However, sponsored or paid posts don’t usually just pop up whenever you open a new site.

As a blogger, you may need to join sponsored post networks in order to be able to get paid content. If you are a blogger and you are wondering how to get sponsored posts for your blog, below are some of the best alternative sponsored post networks for bloggers:

1#1]. ValuedVoice

ValuedVoice helps bloggers make money online
Make money online with ValuedVoice

Formerly known as LinkVehicle, ValuedVoice offers an amazing option for sponsored posts and a great way for bloggers to monetize their blogs. For bloggers with quality content, ValuedVoice is a platform you can work with.

This is an influencer marketing platform for brands to get their message out. Also, it helps bloggers and social media influencers to make money via sponsored content.

Signing up is easy as ValuedVoice offers a very simple process for bloggers to register on the platform. All you need to have is at least a PR1 blog.

After registration, they will manually review your website which may take 2-3 days. They will review your application and approve your website and open for accepting sponsored posts and paid links.

Furthermore, you can monetize your social media accounts if you have a good number of followers. Below are some of the reasons why you should sign up for ValuedVoice:

  • Free Account (no joining fees, no costs to get started).
  • Price Control (set the price you need).
  • Over 20 Opportunity Types (pick the opportunities you want to see).
  • Executive Decision (accept only the opportunities that resonate with you).
  • Full Editorial Control (create great content or use the content provided).
  • Fast Payouts (options to get paid 72 hours after completing a task).

Getting paid is so easy…
ValuedVoice’s payment terms and conditions are straightforward and easy to understand. Once your payment gateway (usually Paypal) has been set up, you’ll be able to automatically receive your payments at the start of the new month.

Now, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and try out this blogger and influencer marketing platform and start earning money from your blog.


Want to join? You can read more about ValuedVoice here or easily get started with ValuedVoice here.


2#2]. IZEA

try IZEA

IZEA is a sophisticated all-in-one influencer marketing platform that is packed full of features. Essentially, IZEA can manage the full influencer campaign process from the initial discovery of influencers through to detailed analytics on campaign results.

Brands can create an influencer marketing campaign and analyze the performance. Bloggers can join IZEA to get sponsored articles to post on their blogs.


3#3]. Cooperatize

try Cooperatize

Cooperatize is a micro-influencer platform that helps to manage and work with influencers through sponsored and non-sponsored campaigns.

The platform offers solutions for brands to easily and safely work with influencers to create content around their brands. Bloggers can join Cooperatize to get sponsored content opportunities from brands.


4#4]. SeedingUp



This influencer marketing platform organically connects influencers or publishers with digital marketers in multiple languages and markets around the world. Also, it offers professional content seeding on blogs, online media, websites, YouTube, and social networks.

Publishers, in turn, can use SeedingUp to market their blogs and websites. Also, you can profitably market your YouTube channels and social network profiles. Furthermore, if you are a blogger, you can join SeedingUp to monetize your blog with sponsored content.


5#5]. Acorninfluence

try Acorninfluence

Acorn is an influencer marketing platform that offers bloggers sponsored content opportunities. It lets bloggers work with brands that resonate with their audience and inspire their creativity.

The platform lets bloggers work with leading national brands, create outstanding content, drive genuine engagement, and be rewarded.


Best Alternative Sponsored Post Networks For Bloggers
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