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Best Ads Spying Tools To Spy On Competitors Performing Keywords

Anthony Williams By Anthony Williams 6 Min Read
Spying on your competitors' performing ads

Today’s businesses now operate in a highly competitive market, and this is why business owners have to learn how to spy on competitors in order to outperform them and grow their businesses.

In essence, one of the best ways to grow your business is to understand your competitors and the market in which you operate.

In fact, it will be a big risk for you to attempt to grow your business without understanding your competitors.

As a business owner, market research can help prepare you for changing markets. Also, it can help prevent your business from being left behind by other rival businesses.

Spying on your competitors' performing ads
There is nothing wrong with spying on your competitors’ performing ads campaigns and keywords

Marketing tools to Spy on competitors’ performing keywords

Every business owner out there wants to do well in their efforts to convert more sales and generate revenue. But this is not an easy task, especially, in this highly competitive market. The problem is that your competitors are out there to outdo and outperform you.

As a business owner, this is why you have to devise means through which you can snatch customers from your competitors. Your business is operating in a competitive market which means you can be easily consumed if care is not taken.

There is nothing ethically wrong in spying on your competitors and in fact, it’s an important step to take if you want your business to survive. Below are some of the best and proven tools to spy on your competitors and grow your business:

#1]. Spy and analyse your competitor keywords with SpyFu

Increase your website traffic with SpyFu
Track your keyword rankings with SpyFu

SpyFu is a powerful SEO tool you can use to spy on your competitors’ performing keywords. The tool offers competitive analysis on online marketing areas such as search engine rankings, PPC campaigns, backlinks, etc.

If you want to get ahead of your competitors, insight into these three online marketing areas can provide a wealth of information you need. With this tool, you can search for any domain and see every place they’ve shown up on Google.


Also, you will get access to every keyword they’ve bought on Adwords, every organic rank, and every ad variation in the last 13 years. In short, SpyFu exposes the search marketing secret formula of your most successful competitors.

#2]. Track all your competitor ads with PowerAdspy

Track all your competitor ads with PowerAdspy
Use PowerAdspy to track all your competitor ads

PowerAdspy si another great tool that lets you spy on your competition’s best Facebook ads strategies and use them for your own business. The tool gives you each and every information you need about your competitor ads.

It offers detailed analytics about your competitor ads such as engagement rates and engaging audiences. Also, you’ll have access to the total number of likes, shares, comments and original post link of your competitor ad copy.

This Facebook ads spy tool helps you to understand how your competitors are doing with their ads. It lets you know more about your competitor ad types, their ad copies, creatives used, angles they used and also the trackers used by them.

#3]. Analyze your ads data with insigthful graphics @ AdEspresso

AdEspresso is a powerful digital advertising management tool
Take your digital advertisement game to the next level with AdEspresso

AdEspresso is a powerful online tool you can use to effectively manage your Facebook and Instagram ads campaigns. It’s a digital advertising management tool that lets you analyze ads data with simple and insightful graphics.

You can create Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads campaigns, and the tool lets you perform and manage A/B testing. Also, you can easily optimize your campaigns to obtain the best returns.

#4]. Track your rankings for specific keywords @ Market Samurai

Market Samurai is a good search ranking tool
Use Market Samurai to track your rankings for specific keywords

Market Samurai is a comprehensive market analysis software that comes with built-in tools like a rank tracker, keyword research, SEO competitor, etc. With this tool, you can monitor your website and track your rankings for specific keywords.

Also, it lets you research the keyword for relevant keywords, and you can go deep into an analysis of those keywords to give you an idea of the competition for the keyword. It can help you to come up with high-ranking content.

#5]. Spy on the best in the business and save money @ Anstrex

AdEspresso lets you spy on the best in the business
Use Anstrex to spy on the best in the business

Anstrex offers intelligence tool you need to spy on your competitors’ native ad campaigns as well as push notification ads. Anstrex Push is one of the best tools to spy on top advertisers dominating push notification ads.

Also, its Native Ad Spy tool helps you analyze your competitors’ native ads to know what’s working for them. You can explore the current trends in the native advertising industry and get much-needed intelligence data to meet your marketing needs.



Ads Spying Tools To Spy On Competitors Performing Keywords
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