We can all agree that customers are one of the most important people in business because with them, your business is going places – and without them, you are going nowhere.

But the reality is that businesses are operating in a highly competitive market and this is why so many startups struggle to survive as they are unable to close more sales than others.

As a business owner, you just have to find ways to stand out in this competitive market. You can’t just be following the crowd, you need to do something different to what others are doing to be able to get a favourable share of the market.

How to easily close more sales in a competitive market

Sales is an important factor when it comes to business success. Sales keeps your business in operation; it helps your business to grow and probably expand.

Improve customer service and experience

But how do you close more sales in a competitive market? How can your startup stay ahead of the competitors by selling more than them?

Below are some of the best ways you can effectively close more sales and stand out in a competitive market:

#1]. Offer the best value, not the lowest price

When it comes to sales, the fact is that most of the customers don’t usually think that the cheapest products are better and offer the best value. Obviously, there is a distinct difference between cheap products and best value ones.

This is what you should also take into consideration as a business owner because potential clients or customers usually want the best products that they can afford. By this, I meant products that can solve their problems or improve their situations.

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In short, quality of service or product is very important. Bear in mind that just because your customers want to save a little bit of their hard-earned money doesn’t mean they will jettison quality for lowest price.

Even if the price you are charging is a little bit higher than your main competitors, people will still want to buy from you if you can convince them by emphasising the value you provide and the quality of your service or products.

#2]. Listen to your customers, build relationship

It’s believed that the most important skill needed to close more sales is simply the ability to listen and ask questions. When you are communicating with customers or prospects, it’s important you listen to them. You can then ask them open-ended questions to learn more about their needs. This usually makes prospects think you are interested in helping them with their needs.

Also, asking them relevant follow-up questions will show that you have listened to them. But how about building relationships? What impacts do business-customer relationships have on the day-to-day running of the business? Can a business survive without building relationships with customers?

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The very best of business relationships is arguably the one between the business and the customers. The obvious reason for this is because customers are the mainstay of any successful business.

Therefore, if you value your customers, you will not only listen to them more but you will also build great business-customer relationships that can easily lead to sales with them.

#3]. Stand out, distinguish yourself

Bear in mind that you are operating in a big and highly competitive market, it has become a necessity to distinguish your business from others.

How will the prospects notice and identify you in the crowd? What makes your business unique? Why will people want to do business with you rather than your competitors? This is why you should always sell the outcome and not the process.

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In another word, you should assess your business’s best features and what customers or clients compliment you on. Be ready to share your customers’ experiences with prospects so that they can see why they should buy from you.

#4]. Show interest, ask for the sale

Businesses often fail to close more sales because their sales persons don’t think the prospect is ready to make the purchase. At times, people walk into the shop to enquire about products or services you offer. If the sales person gets it right, their enquiries may actually lead to sales.

In other words, it’s your responsibility to convince people to buy the moments they walk into your shop. This is a massive opportunity that many businesses often fail to take.

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Moreover, get into your customers’ minds and use that to achieve your main goal of convincing them to buy from you. Do you have a team of well-trained staff that offer necessary supports to your customers? If you want customers to come back, you should learn how to easily build brand loyalty and exceed customer expectations.

Always let your prospects know that you will like to do business with them, and ask if they are ready to move forward with a contract or payment. If they do not buy right away, don’t forget to follow up as this is the best way to keep your business in your customers’ mind.

#5]. Be more friendly, offer excellent customer service

It’s an undeniable fact that excellent customer service is what drives retention, loyalty, and positive word-of-mouth marketing. So how friendly are you to your customers and prospects?

Attracting prospects and closing more sales can also be down to your (or sales persons) ability to make people feel at home while they are looking at the possibility of doing business with you. The watchword here is COMFORTABILITY. So how comfortable are your prospects while dealing with you?

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At times, people just don’t walk into a shop without some background information about the business. The fact is that this information could be negative or positive. Now, it’s up to you to use the positive things they heard about your business to convince them to buy from you. And moreover, even negative information can be turned around to have positive effects on the prospects.

5 Ingenious Ways Startups Can Easily Close More Sales In A Competitive Market
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