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The Business Of YouTube: How To Create A Successful YouTube Channel [Infographic]

Anthony Williams By Anthony Williams 2 Min Read
the business of YouTube: how to create a successful YouTube channel

YouTube is a powerful video-sharing website that has changed the ways people watch and share video content online.

But those days of just uploading and sharing cats and funny home videos have gone; YouTube is now a moneymaking medium for video bloggers.

Today, people are on YouTube for so many reasons; some are there to laugh, learn and inspire themselves while others are there for the latest news updates.

And for small businesses and top brands, YouTube is an important marketing channel no business owner can joke with.

It seems like every business needs YouTube especially, now that online video marketing continues to play a major role in digital marketing.

The business of YouTube

It’s safe to say YouTube is not just a video-sharing website, it has now become an industry of fame, celebrities and annual awards.

the business of YouTube: how to create a successful YouTube channel
The business of YouTube

The business of YouTube has been expanded more than a decade after it was launched.

Today, video blogging and creating content on YouTube has become a full-time profession for video bloggers.

In shorts, video blogging on YouTube is now a profitable career than can turn you into a millionaire.


The infographic below, courtesy of, takes you through what it takes to create a successful YouTube channel. Starting from your purpose and what you stand to create for your audience. Figuring out if you want to create a Gaming Channel, Beauty Channel, or simply do daily vlogs, another popular category on Youtube which has taken off in the past couple of years.

how to start a successful-YouTube channel infographic

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