How to Use VISME to Improve Your Brand With Online Graphics

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Your brand identity is essential nowadays. It’s what comes to mind when people remember your business. But how do you improve your brand with online graphics?

What comes to people’s minds when they remember your brand? Is it your brand colours, text, image, or logo? The fact is that branding is important to every business.

It’s all about building a visually unique brand that people can easily remember. It’s all about the colours and text, and this is what makes the brand stands out as unique.


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Boost brands with online graphics

How well are you using visuals in your business marketing? The fact is that every single visual that you publish online contributes to your branding.

That’s why it’s so important to consistently keep your graphics aligned with your brand identity. It will further help to consolidate your brand in people’s minds.

You should always make sure that each visual that represents your brand follows your color palette, typography, and other specifications in your brand style guide.

Being consistent with brand identity

From online ads to social media images as well as the header images in your emails, there should always be consistency in your brand identity.

The fact is that publishing inconsistent graphics online can confuse people and your potential customers. Also, it will make your brand look low-quality and less likely for people to remember and recognize you.

Below are the main types of online graphics your brand needs to manage in order to ensure consistency in your brand identity:


#1]. Blog Graphics

There are many reasons why blogging is important to your business and one of them is the fact that it is an essential source of web traffic for businesses. This is why so many brands have now incorporated blogging into their marketing strategies.

Using visuals or graphic images of your products can make your blog posts more engaging and fun for people to read. Your blog visuals could include product screenshots, custom illustrations, and even stock photos.

Luckily, you can easily use a powerful tool like to create original graphics for your blog posts. Visme offers blog graphic templates that you can use to create such visuals as calls-to-action and others.

Use Visme to bring your design to life
Use Visme to bring your design to life

#2]. Social Media Graphics

Today, social media is not just a place where brands spark conversations and engage with fans and customers. In fact, it’s a marketing platform for businesses to spread brand awareness and build a community.

Therefore, businesses that are not active on social media are actually giving their competitors the opportunity to outperform them. But you have to stay consistent with your brand identity if your business is on social media.

Using graphics can easily help businesses to amplify social media engagement. Creating social media graphics is easy if you are using a tool like Visme. The tool offers tons of easily customizable social media post templates to help get your messages out.

#3]. Email Graphics

Emails offer one of the easiest ways for brands to communicate with customers. However, but emails have also been one of the cheapest means of business marketing for years.

Today, email marketing is still thriving and no business owner can underestimate its capabilities. In fact, 9 out of 10 marketers used email as a content distribution channel.

The graphics in your newsletters and marketing emails should be consistent with your brand identity. You can also use Visme to achieve this because it offers tons of beautifully designed email header templates to give you a head start.

Using an eye-catching header can help your business build a powerful brand image. Also, you can use an email header to drive action, generate more leads, and create brand awareness by putting your logo and brand name in the spotlight.

#4]. Online Ads

Whether you’re creating display ads, social media ads, or native ads, you have to ensure that they are all consistent with your visual brand identity. Online ads have now become an integral part of business marketing.

If your business is using online ads, then it’s important to ensure that your ads are consistent with your brand identity. Your ads should be easily identifiable and noticeably unique. has tons of banner ad templates of different options that you can easily customize.


You can use this powerful tool to build brand assets that are as memorable and meaningful as your brand name or logo. From horizontal to vertical to square ads, there’s an ad template for every need. Simply pick your favorite one and start customizing it in the drag-and-drop editor.



How To Improve Your Brand With Online Graphics
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