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How to Boost Your Productivity as a Solo Contractor

Anthony Williams By Anthony Williams 5 Min Read

Being a solo contractor is not as easy as people think and it requires more effort. However, how do you boost your productivity as a solo contractor?

The construction industry is one of the world’s largest economic sectors, which employs about 7 percent of the world’s working-age population.

But, the industry is saddled with mismanagement and inefficiency. It has experienced a yearly decline in its productivity since the 1900s.

Research has suggested that the billion-dollar construction industry could be more prosperous if productivity could increase by just 2.8 percent.

The cause of inefficiencies

Many things that occur on a construction site can lead to inefficiencies and decreased productivity. For example, changes to the scope of work can lead to cost overruns.

Nearly 98 percent of megaprojects suffer costs of 30 percent or more when there is a change to the project. However, low productivity is the main reason for cost overruns.

More than ever, the construction industry needs an increase in productivity amongst companies and solo contractors. When productivity increases, construction projects finish on time and are more cost-efficient.

In addition, the overall project is more profitable, and your company goes up in value and can bid more competitively. How then can one increase productivity as a solo contractor?

#1]. Make use of technology

The fastest way to increase efficiency is to use innovative software or mobile applications for your day-to-day operations. Technological improvement directly affects labour productivity.


Solutions such as electrical contractor software can effectively enhance productivity and boost profits at the same time. Installing in your business routine is not as grim as adopting new machines or regulations.

Modern and cloud-based software is easy to use and allows you to start immediately. In addition, utilising smartphone technology in construction projects can reduce delays, thus improving productivity.

For example, you can use this smartphone technology to alert team members of errors and instantaneously provide updates to colleagues with ease.

#2]. Plan ahead

Before starting a new project, it is essential to make sure everything is in place by planning and setting realistic goals.

First, research various aspects of a project and analyse risks. Then, make sure you have several plans to tackle anything the future may bring.

Construction projects are unique and very uncertain, so make sure you have a plan for every situation to make sure the productivity never goes down in any case.

Make a list of your resources, processes, materials, schedules, logistics, and plan everything to align these as per the project’s overall goals and timelines. You can make use of construction management software to plan and schedule everything efficiently and smoothly.

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#3]. Prioritise the use of data

Big data is the next big thing and it’s quickly entering the construction industry. However, 95% of data in construction is either thrown out or not collected at all.

For solo contractors, it’s important to start prioritising the use of data and analytics. Big data benefits companies by helping them generate actionable insights that enable them to implement data-driven strategies.

As a solo contractor, you can use insights generated from one project to forecast future projects and drastically improve productivity in any given project.

#4]. Maintain a healthy workforce

Sensor-enabled wearable devices can help you maintain a healthy and safe workforce. They are already having a profound impact on improving workplace conditions for site personnel.


Not only can these sensors monitor environmental conditions that affect workplace safety, but biometric sensors within the wearable can monitor the workers’ health.


With the demand in the construction industry increasing, the pressure on construction businesses and solo contractors to act is also rising. With these steps mentioned above, you should be on your way to making the most of your business and rising to the top.



How Solo Contractor Can Easily Boost Productivity
PIN IT: How Solo Contractor Can Easily Boost Productivity

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