Best Tips for Building Brand Equity and Awareness

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Today, building brand equity and awareness is important for every business owner, especially in this highly competitive market.

In essence, branding is an essential part of every business nowadays and it’s not just about having a high-quality logo or colour scheme alone.

In other words, branding is also about font pairing and visual style that grabs attention and helps customers to easily recognize your brand.

This is a crucial step to take, especially when it comes to building a strong brand, improving customer loyalty, and boosting sales.

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How to develop brand identity

When it comes to brand recognition and awareness, having a solid brand identity in place is apparently the first step you will have to take.

So, how do you develop and build a unique and memorable brand identity? How do you refine your brand image and improve your visual identity?

With the right tools, the entire process is not as difficult as you may think. It doesn’t matter whether you’re rebranding or building a brand identity from scratch. All you need is a powerful tool like and you are good to go.

As a matter of fact, creating a visual brand identity design includes picking the right design elements. Also, it includes colour palette and a lot more to impress and leave a strong image on your customer.

Below are some of the essential factors to consider when it comes to creating a brand identity and building a stronger brand presence:

  • 👉 Understand the core values and purpose behind your brand.
  • 👉 Research your target audience as well as competitors.
  • 👉 Create your visual identity such as logo, marketing materials, etc.

Building brand equity & awareness

What is brand equity and how does it impact your business? Simply put, brand equity is the way consumers perceive your brand and how loyal they are to it.

Nowadays, brand recognition and brand awareness are a big part of a brand’s influence on society, and this influence is measured as brand equity.

In other words, brand equity is all about how consumers perceive your brand and how loyal they are to the brand. It is something you can earn over time, through hard work and analysis of growth.

In essence, your brand’s products are easily recognizable when you have positive brand equity. That is the stage when your brand becomes memorable and impactful and leaves an impression on consumers.

When we talk about brand equity, we also talk about brand value and it is not something you can achieve out of nowhere. Below are some of the few components that make up brand equity:

  • #1]. Brand Awareness is how much consumers know about your brand.
  • #2]. Brand Perception is about what consumers feel about your brand.
  • #3]. Brand Differentiator is about what makes your brand stand out.
  • #4]. Brand Relevance measures your brand relevance within the industry.
  • #5]. Brand Loyalty is when consumers choose your brand above others.
  • #6]. Brand Value is about how much your brand is worth.
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How to boost brand awareness

Brand awareness is usually a marketing measurement that identifies to what extent consumers and target audiences recognize a brand.

This can apply to the brand as a whole, or to a specific product, offerings, or even brand element, such as your brand’s logo, slogan, or even colours.

Therefore, if you want to successfully build brand awareness, your brand must be seen by your consumers at the right time and in the right place.

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Building brand equity and awareness

Simply put, brand awareness is about making people aware of your brand. It’s usually achieved through strategic brand placement and marketing strategy.

Therefore, if you want to build brand awareness, you’ll have to put together your marketing plan with branded marketing materials.

Brand awareness is what helps your company grow a larger audience. Below are some of the best ways to effectively increase brand awareness:


#1]. Build authority

When it comes to creating brand awareness, one of the first steps to take is to build authority within your niche. But how do you achieve this status?

Building authority is all about creating educational and shareable content and this is an important part of creating brand awareness.

#2]. Seek content collaborations

When it comes to creating brand awareness, one of the first steps to take is to build authority within your niche. But how do you achieve this status?

Content collaborations with other top companies or brands within your industry could also play an important role to ensure people get to see your brand.

However, collaboration is not about working with your direct competitors within your niche. Actually, this is more about collaborating with brands and businesses whose products and services complement yours.

With this, you can work together to develop webinars, conferences, ebooks, blog swaps, and other joint projects. This can help boost your brand presence, and create new avenues for awareness and growth.

#3]. Use the power of storytelling

Do you know that you can effectively create brand awareness through the use of video storytelling to engage your audience?

Nowadays, it’s important to incorporate visual storytelling into your marketing and brand promotion. If it’s properly done, it offers one of the best ways to capture your audience’s attention and boost brand awareness.

According to a study, about 92% of marketers believe that video is an essential part of their marketing strategy. And with video platforms like TikTok and Instagram, the sky is the limit to what you can achieve with videos.

#4]. Make use of infographic

Beautifully crafted infographics could also offer a great opportunity for you to build strong brand awareness if you properly make use of it.

The fact is that infographics can help businesses to effectively combine brand authority with a visually appealing experience.

And luckily, you can use a powerful tool like Visme to improve your brand with online graphics. All you have to do is to create infographics to educate and entertain your targeted audience.


Infographics are incredibly versatile; you can use them to educate, entertain or inform audiences about different aspects of your industry.

#5]. Be active on social media

Are you on social media and how active is your brand on the platforms? Social media has become one of the most essential platforms for businesses not only to build brand awareness but also to acquire new customers.

There are currently over 3.6 billion people on social media, but do you know how well small businesses are using social media for brand promotion?

As a business, it is time to focus on and invest in social media campaigns and actively target the right audience to boost your brand awareness.

However, be mindful of the fact that not all social media platforms will work for your business. You have to decide which ones you should be active on and how you can leverage social media for brand awareness.

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#6]. Showcase positive reviews

Do you know what people are saying about your products and services? How well do you promote positive reviews and testimonials about your brand?

The fact is that positive reviews and testimonials are one of the most powerful tools to use for brand awareness. Additionally, they are also great for word-of-mouth marketing and product recommendations.

Businesses should be investing in promoting reviews and testimonials in every way they can, and at every opportunity. This is because they are useful for promoting awareness among social circles of existing customers.

#7]. Work with influencers

Do you know that you can also make use of social media influencers to boost your brand awareness? Nowadays, Instagram influencers have become one of the most potent tools for brands to expand their reach.

Also, brands are making use of influencers on platforms such as Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, and others as brand ambassadors to boost brand awareness.

Working with social media influencers means targeting niche audiences which is great for a better ROI. Influencer marketing does not cost much and offers an excellent way to boost brand awareness among highly targeted audiences.

Tips for Building Brand Equity and Awareness
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