Although most marketers are willing to talk a lot about the new and hot platforms on the market, email marketing is still relevant and stylishly thriving.

In fact, email marketing is generally known to be the digital marketing’s workhorse. Having been around since the nineties, does email marketing still remains the appropriate type of marketing for every audience?

In today’s highly competitive market, no one can actually overlook the capability of email marketing.

It’s arguably the cheapest means of business marketing and it’s capable of delivering the highest return on investment.

Why email marketing is still relevant

Email marketing is still relevantNo doubt about it, email marketing or newsletter marketing is an effective and efficient means of business marketing.

It is a soft marketing technique where people are informed and not necessarily being asked to come and buy.

Unless when you are doing promotional offers or sales, businesses don’t usually ask recipients to come and buy in their marketing emails.

Below are some of the reasons why we think email marketing is still relevant in today’s competitive market:

#1]. Email marketing is great at amplifying social audiences

Twitter, Facebook and all other social networking sites are the best places for making contact with existing audiences and attract new clients through useful and creative content.

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However, we have also noticed that combining social media with email campaigns is the new holy grail for marketers.

social media megaphoneOne such example is a case study conducted by a major online retailer. It matched Facebook advertisements with a number of email subscribers for the generation of a Facebook Custom Audience.

Then the audience was a target for both Facebook and email advertisement for a period of two weeks. It was discovered that email openers, when reached with Facebook ads for the first time, were more likely to buy a product.

When reached with emails, social audiences are much more likely to make a purchase. Also, email subscribers open their e-mails more frequently when these include Facebook advertisements.

#2]. Email marketing is a great way to test data

You may have already heard that as much as 90% of all the data in the world has been created during the last 2 years. The challenge of the modern marketers is to decide how to do something with it but that is not the concern of your customer.

Instead, your customers are looking for more delightful and better experience with the businesses they purchase products and services from.

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Marketing allows markets to test campaigns by bringing in their data, offers, test campaigns and messaging. Data also allows emails in a campaign to be highly personalised.

Email is best used for connecting marketers with their data. In order to drive some major new revenue streams, email combines with predictive marketing.

#3]. Combining email with predictive marketing?

In as crowded digital landscape as the one we have today, marketers are required to deliver on the needs of their customers even before they ask for it.

Predictive marketing is the technology marketers use to target a range of customers according to their behaviour on the Internet to send a relevant email over a period of time.

Meanwhile, creating captivating marketing emails that are relevant is essential in email marketing. This is where predictive marketing plays a major role.

Predictive marketing allows marketers to generate tailored messages when it is combined with email. The good thing about tailored messages is that they usually result in more conversions. Predictive marketing is not a switch to flip but a process.

Initially, marketers are required to create a profile of customer preferences, derived from observed activity on the web and information coming from other channels.

Then, using rules and algorithms, predictive models are applied to decide on what type of content will reap best results in an email marketing campaigns.

At the end, the dispatched campaigns are often done through dynamic and auto-segments offers. It all comes down to being aware of the specific needs and requirement of each individual person.


Why Email Marketing Is Still Relevant And Stylishly Thriving Today
PIN IT: Why Email Marketing Is Still Relevant And Stylishly Thriving Today

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