Top 5 BEST and AFFORDABLE VoIP Phone Service Providers In The UK [updated]

Looking for affordable VoIP phones for your startup? This article features a list of some of the best VoIP phone service providers for small businesses in the UK.

UK super cheap VoIP phone service providers
UK super cheap VoIP phone service providers

Nowadays, having a telephone line is a necessity for businesses. And with VoIP phones, business owners can even manage their businesses better.

You’ll hardly see any small business owner compromising their overhead and running costs. However, being able to reduce the cost of running a business is always a great way for businesses to save money.

If you are looking for ways to be able to save money on your monthly bills, then VoIP phones can easily save money on running costs.

VoIP phones can easily save money on running costs

Best VoIP phone service providers in the UK

Businesses can now easily set up and manage their customer phone support through VoIP phones with the help of modern technology. While few providers only offer money-back guarantee, some do offer much more than that.

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Most of the VoIP phone services listed below have a free trial period so that you can evaluate the system before you actually subscribed.

The best way to go about it is to just make sure you carefully read the terms of services to prevent hassle. Below are some of the popular VoIP phone services we think you should try out:

#1]. Voipfone



Voipfone is one of the most popular VoIP phone service providers in the UK. The company offers award-winning, reliable and inexpensive advanced cloud-based telephone services specifically designed for small businesses.

Whether you need a new phone number, want to replace an obsolete office PBX or switchboard or perhaps you need our free ISP trunks to connect your own VoIP PBX telephone equipment, Voipfone is there for you.

With Voipfone, you can move your phones to the cloud and have a maintenance-free, cloud-based hosted VoIP PBX phone system that can be set up simply, quickly and cheaply.

#2]. Vonage


Vonage is a leading provider of communications services for small businesses as well as individuals. We about 2.4 million customers, Vonage is one of the most popular VoIP phone service providers in the UK.

The company offers a variety of calling plans for domestic, international and small business plans. It allows people to make phone calls over the internet which are affordable, flexible, portable – and simple.

#3]. RingCentral


RingCentral stands in for a complex phone system as you’d get in a larger organisation but without the need for a PBX – the company quips that it works for businesses that don’t actually know what a PBX is (think internal phone exchange).

RingCentral is one of the most popular VoIP phone service providers out there and it’s really popular amongst the small business communities. It is voice-focused and brings a professional edge to VoIP for business.

Its solution emphasizes security, as well as ease of use, focusing on voice calls, text messaging and conference. And those are tasks that this app does exceptionally well.

#4]. SureVoIP



SureVoIP is another popular VoIP phone service provider we think you should check out. This VoIP service provider runs its own MPLS enabled network designed to offer highest quality connections to give you the best service.

Whether you have existing equipment or nothing, SureVoIP can help your business take advantage of the operational and cost benefits of using internet-based telephone services.

You will feel like your customer is next door to you. It’s that good.

#5]. BT IP Communications

BT IP Communications

BT IP Communications gives you everything a traditional phone system does – but it’s hosted in the cloud. That means it’s easier to manage and change as your business grows.

What’s more, it means less money spent on hardware and maintenance. And best of all, BT IP Communications offers total flexibility.

You can take and manage calls from your desk phone, desktop, and mobile. So you’ll never miss an important call.

Other VoIP phone service providers you should try?

The Real PBX



The Real PBX is a US-based VoIP phone service provider with offices in the UK and Australia. The company is one of the leading providers of hosting services for PBX, Cloud Computing and applications.

For a voice network as clear as crystal, The Real PBX offers lots of features such as Multi-way Call, Live Recording and Monitoring, Call Forwarding, Unlimited Extensions, Call Parking, Call Analytics, Internet Fax, Extension to Mobile Devices, etc.

The Real PBX offers a 10-days free trial of their services to let the customers try and test the best services in the market.


Top 5 BEST and AFFORDABLE VoIP Phone Service Providers In The UK
PIN IT: Top 5 BEST and AFFORDABLE VoIP Phone Service Providers In The UK
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  1. Good compilation of the VoIP service providers, with specialties of each one mentioned alongside. Just adding to the list is another VoIP service provider in UK that goes by the name TheRealPBX.

    This provider not only provides VoIP services but in addition to this also offers hosted PBX and business and home phones. They are also offering a free trial so as to keep options open for the customers.

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