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Alternative Ways For Young People To Make Money Online

Elechi Emekobum By Elechi Emekobum 9 Min Read
alternative ways to make money online

The advent of the internet has opened a window of opportunity for people to make money online. However, it’s not as easy as it sounds when it comes to making money online.

To make money online from the comfort zone of your room requires a great deal of effort and consistency. This is why making money online is not for everyone. In short, it’s not something you can venture into if you are not ready to put in maximum

However, you shouldn’t let that put you away as nothing is easy to get in this life. If you want to be successful in life, there is always an amount of effort to put in. This means there is always a price to pay to be able to get there.

Alternative ways for young people to make money online

The fact is that this generation of young people is somehow lucky because of the advent of the Internet. From learning to making money, the internet offers an avenue for young people in colleges or universities to do a lot of stuff.

If you are a student in college or university, you will notice the effect on your bank account. Even those with access to government grants or loans are also sometimes left with no money.

The fact is that your student loans only take care of tuition fees and some essential expenses. So, this means you are left with no money for other expenses and to enjoy yourself.

Make More Money With Affiliate Marketing

However, you can make a bit of extra cash online to maintain yourself. This doesn’t mean you have to jettison your studies as you can engage in these money-making activities in your free time. Below are some alternative ways to make money online while studying.

#1]. Make money as blogger

Blogging is still thriving as one of the best ways for young people to make money online. This is my first recommendation because I have loads of friends who are already making money online while blogging.


As a student, I believe you have a lot of stories to tell and a blog is a perfect place to tell your stories. Blogging offers a great avenue for you to express yourself, and you can blog almost about anything and everything.

Make money with blogging
New To Blogging? Want To Start Your Own Blog and Make Money Online? This Is How To Start A Profitable Blogging Business

You can blog about your college experience and life as a student at a particular school. Also, you can blog about the gadgets you like; the books you love; the restaurants you have been to, etc.

There are plenty of things to write about, however, make sure you blog about something you are passionate about. This is arguably the best way to ensure a great deal of interest in what you do.

You can easily turn your blog into a profitable business by monetizing it with Google Ads. You can also make money through sponsored posts, banner ads, or by selling digital products on your blog.

Having a blog will also help you improve your creativity. However, if you are new to blogging, you need to understand that blogging isn’t an instant success. It’s not that easy to start a profitable blogging business without putting effort into it.

#2]. Freelancing

Becoming a freelancer is a great option for those with great talents and some kind of creative skills. You can easily turn your talent into a freelancing job and start making money online from it.

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Freelancing is a massive money-making sector for young people to explore to make additional income. You can offer all kinds of services from web design to logo and graphic design. Also, you can help people create content, do voiceovers, and others.

There are really good freelancing sites out there where you can offer all sorts of services. Jump over and join micro job sites like, it’s a great place to start as it has a huge number of users. You will see a host of services you can offer to make money from the comfort of your room.

The good thing about being a freelancer is the flexibility it offers. This means it won’t affect your studies if you are in college or university. You can easily use your free time to offer any service you are good at and you will get paid for it.

#3]. Start a video blog on YouTube

For those that are not camera-shy, you can create a YouTube channel and start a video blog to talk about almost anything. YouTube has become a money-making platform for young people with creative skills.

Making money online with YouTube
Make money online with YouTube

The website has become a great source of passive income for bloggers across the globe. So, if you think blogging isn’t for you, then try YouTube. Create a YouTube Channel and share what you want people to know.


YouTube doesn’t require much investment as long as you can lay your hands on a good digital camera. In fact, you can use your smartphone to shoot YouTube videos. Use your laptop to edit the videos and upload them to your YouTube channel.

Want to get people to see your videos? Well, share your YouTube video links on social media and use other online forums to drive traffic to your videos.

#4]. Stock market and spread betting

Stock market trading and spread betting is another good way to make a decent amount of money. With spread betting, you only need to deposit a small percentage of the full value of the spread bet in order to open a position.

Making money online with spread betting
Make money with spread betting

This means you are allowed to place bets on whether a certain market will rise or fall. There is a lot of money to gain here, however, its success usually depends on how you bet.

You can also try forex trading as it has been a great way to make money if you know how to go about it. There are some really good forex brokers and trading apps out there that ambitious young people can use.

Another thing is to get into betting and gambling as online casino sites like offer a lot of opportunities for players to win. However, you must be aware that gambling is a risky venture that can eat up your pocket.

#5]. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is arguably the most popular and the best way to make money online by just investing your time. Affiliate marketing has been around for quite long and it has been a source of passive income for thousands of bloggers.

It’s commission-based marketing which means you refer a new customer and get a commission for it. At times, the commission isn’t that much, however, you can search the internet for well-paid affiliates.

Affiliate marketing is not that easy but no panic, you can also be able to make money through it. In most cases, you will need a platform such as a blog or a good number of social media followers to make good money.


5 Alternative Ways Young People Can Still Make Money Online
PIN IT: 5 Alternative Ways Young People Can Still Make Money Online

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