No doubt about it, content marketing is all about storytelling and the viral-ability of your content depends on how people resonate with your story.

The fact is that if what you create doesn’t resonate, people don’t feel anything, and if they don’t feel something, they won’t share your content.

It doesn’t matter who you are creating content for and what the content is about, what’s most important is your ability to get your audience hooked up.

This simply means that it’s not just about creating content, it’s also about creating content with “share factor” embedded in it. So, how do you make content that can easily go viral?

How To Easily Make Your Content Go Viral

viral contentSo what makes content go viral? More specifically, what do the top shared articles have in common?

How easy is it to make content go viral? It’s easy if you can be able to capture your audience attention.

This is why you should be making content with “wow factor”. That’s the only way to get your audience attention and they will share and link to your content.

The folks at Buzzsumo analysed over 100 million articles so they could find the answers to the question of viral content.

They looked for commonalities and trends that the most shared articles had in common, and the infographic below is what they came up with.

How To Easily Make Your Content Go Viral


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