Live chat is arguably one of the best communication tools for customer service to engage users and website visitors.

The tool enable businesses to connect directly with visitors to their websites and helps facilitate dealing with customers complaints.

With this tool, customers can engage with customer service representatives in real-time at any point whilst exploring your website, using the easily accessible chat button.

Sales department can also make use of the tool to answer pre-sale questions relating to products and services offered.

Improving your business website live chat

best customer service representativesIntegrating customer engagement software like live chat with your website is simply the best way to engage your customers in real time.

For more than 15 years, the world’s most innovative online retailers and enterprises have been using this communication tool to thrill users, reduce cart abandonment, provide one-on-one support and drive revenue growth.

Nowadays, more than 68 percent of online retailers use live chat for customer service. Also, you can easily target a website visitor and engage them in a live chat, based upon their activity across your website.

But what if your system hasn’t taken off? Or what if you’ve gotten bad feedback about the quality of your live chats? If you need to improve your e-commerce site before you lose potential sales, here are just five tips for rolling out a better live chat system.

#1]. Use Real People

This is easily the biggest complaint of customers using live chats. Who likes to waste time with a robot that simply regurgitates what can already be found on the site’s FAQ? Your customers want real people offering real solutions to their problems, so it’s worth the expense to staff your live chats with flesh-and-blood employees.

#2]. Keep It Quick

On the subject of wasting time, customers hate the inconvenience of jumping through hoops to verify themselves on live chats, so don’t demand that they fill out Captcha or supply demographic information just to get a question answered.

If you can’t resist the urge to collect data, make it an optional survey at the end of their live chat sessions, and keep it as brief as possible even after that.

#3]. Relax the Script

While customer service scripts can help your employees stay focused and on-task, they can also become stifling if you force your workers to follow them without variation.

It ties back into the idea of treating customers like real people and not just cogs in a machine or words in front of a robot.

Allowing candour from your customer service agents can add an almost undefinable “human” quality to their interactions, and shoppers will both appreciate and respond to it.

#4]. Be Accessible

As more and more customers do their shopping from phones, laptops and tablets, it’s important that your live chats can be used on all platforms. Accessibility is key for the 21st century website, so take precautions to ensure that your live chat is equipped to handle requests from all devices.

Remember that there’s no point in investing in a state-of-the-art live chat that crashes when opened on a mobile device, and what’s more, you could lose customers who get frustrated with your outdated web design.

#5]. Analyze Your Results

If you’re serious about using live chats to improve your website, you’ll need to record, collect and examine the data from all of your sessions. How many chats turn into sales?

How big is the average order after using them? What percentage of shoppers are clicking on the chats in the first place, and how can you improve that number?

A little research today can make a big difference tomorrow, so make sure that you install analytics software along with your live chats.


These are just a few tips for improving your live chat services. As you can see, there’s more to it than simply dropping an employee in front of a computer, so take your time and figure out how to build better, more streamlined live chats.

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