Do you really agree that content is the king of marketing? Some people that claimed content is the “king of marketing” surely have their reasons for saying so, after all, content has become one of the major marketing materials in this era of digital marketing.

The fact is that contents are so powerful that they can make or maim your business marketing campaigns. It can get your business at the forefront of your potential customers.

Also, quality content is the best way to get your business at the top of Google SERPs when potential customers search for information related to your business, and as a result, drive a good amount of website traffic to your website.

I guess this why some marketers believe that content is the king of marketing. But mind you, it’s not just about making contents – it’s about making contents that sell, content that people want.

Creating contents better than your competitors

So how do you create contents that are better than that of your competitors?

creating better website contents than competitors

Your number one priority shouldn’t be to create just any content, it should be to create valuable contents your readers will love to read.

The most important thing in creating content is the quality of the content. It’s this “quality” that will encourage people not only to consume your contents, but also to share them on social media for better exposure.

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I just came across the infographic below by Siege Media that summarises all the best practice data that separates most 10x content from the 1x content. Combine it all, execute like hell, and you might even end up at #1.

How to Create Content 10x Better Than Your Competitors [Infographic]

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