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How to Get Started on Your Solar Installation Plans

Anthony Williams By Anthony Williams 6 Min Read

Nowadays, solar panels have become an essential source of energy for millions of homes. But how do you get started on solar installation plans for your home?

The fact that every household is looking for ways to be more energy efficient is not an overstatement. The truth is that people want to lower their energy consumption so that they can cut their energy bills, and save more money.

But do you know that solar panels offer one of the best self-generated energy sources that you can also use to power your business and the entire household?

For homeowners, transitioning to solar energy is highly beneficial as a matter of fact. It’s probably one of the most important investments you can make for your home.

Why solar energy?

For starters, solar energy is very efficient and it doesn’t cost much in the end. You don’t require any external supply which could add to your overall monthly expenses.

As a standalone system, solar energy installations can be moved from one location to the next, unlike grid energy which is permanently affixed to your home.

In this guide, you will be able to learn how to set up your solar energy system. Also, you will learn how to make the most out of your solar installation.

What are solar energy systems?

Solar technologies convert sunlight into electrical energy either through photovoltaic (PV) panels or through mirrors that concentrate solar radiation.

In short, solar energy systems consist of solar panels, grid networks, inverters, and batteries. For more complex systems, there will be some level of automation and smart sensors to automatically turn certain systems on and off.


So, how does solar work and how does one install solar panels? Solar panels have photovoltaic cells which convert direct sunlight into electrical energy. The energy flows through the panels and onto the grid network and into the inverter.

Furthermore, the inverter then converts direct current into alternating current. Excess energy is stored in the battery, while you use the rest within the house.

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Energy-efficient and energy-saving appliances

How to find the best installer

The best solar companies are the ones that offer you a one-stop shop for all your solar needs. They have professionals at hand to walk you through the process of installation.

First, they will measure the size of your roof and assess the energy requirements for all the equipment and appliances in the house.

They will then write you a quotation on the total cost including the service contract. You cannot expect this service from a single solar company in California. Even the best solar panel companies cannot offer all these services in one go.

Solar installation & financial incentives

Solar power installation will set you back about $45,000 to $100,000 per installation. This usually depends on the size of your home and the level of automation you need.

For most people, this figure is too high to pay for self-generated energy to power their household. Instead, they’ll rather remain with grid electricity for the short term.

However, there are several incentives for homeowners willing to put up solar energy. In most cases, these incentives come in the form of tax rebates, grants, and discounts.

Generally, homeowners get paid to install solar energy in their homes even if they end up also putting up some money. However, one of the best advantages of installing solar is the fact that you’ll significantly add to your home’s valuation.

The $45000 investment almost triples in valuation since most new home buyers prefer homes with an already installed solar system. You can also combine both grid and solar to ensure you are fully covered even during the harshest winters.


Overall, transitioning from grid energy to solar is a major step to take. Also, it is a decision to improve your home and most homeowners have never regretted making it.


In most cases, setting up and solar energy installation is easy. However, you need a licensed professional from a solar company you trust to help you with the installation.

The best solar companies will always be available to handle all installation needs and you can expect good customer service before installation and after.

How to Get Started on Your Solar Installation Plans
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