Organic Instagram Growth Strategies That Work Like Magic

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Businesses want to grow their presence on social media platforms like Instagram. But do you know that there are organic Instagram growth strategies that you can use?

Nowadays, Instagram is one of the biggest social platforms with a substantial user base. According to the latest estimates, Instagram has 1.3 billion users worldwide in 2022 and it’s used by one out of every three social media users.

Nowadays, having a social media presence is not just enough. In most cases, the most important thing is to make your social media presence work for your business.

However, how do you make social media work for your business if people don’t see your social media page? So, how do you boost your business’s social media presence?

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This is where organic Instagram growth strategies become essential for business owners. It’s the best way for businesses to grow their Instagram organically and without burning their marketing budgets.

Grow your Instagram followers

Nowadays, it’s challenging to grow followers on social media platforms like Instagram. This is why it’s important to have a clear blueprint of what works.

It’s all about creating a strong Instagram account, however, each account is different. In most cases, each Instagram account has a different goal and target audience.

But if you want to grow your Instagram followers, the best thing is to test different strategies and parameters to understand what works best for your audience.

Beware of fake Instagram followers

You have to be very careful while trying to grow your Instagram followers. Beware of the so-called third-party online social media company that promises to grow your followers.


Don’t buy fake Instagram followers because the latest algorithm updates have been empowered to weed out fake followers. Fake followers can lead to limitations on your account’s access, or even get your account entirely disabled.

Organic Instagram growth strategies

What's your brand's Instagram engagement rate?
What’s your brand’s Instagram engagement rate?

Nowadays, social media platforms like Instagram constantly update their algorithm. This, sometimes, makes it hard for brands and content creators to organically grow their Instagram.

With constant algorithm updates, users will experience reduced followers and engagement. This is why it’s important to develop a strategy to boost your Instagram follower count.

So, how do you increase your Instagram followers organically? Below are some of the best organic Instagram growth strategies that work like magic. In this article, we’ll explore several tactics to help you grow your Instagram account organically and improve your engagement.

#1]. Optimize your Instagram account

Optimizing your Instagram account is one of the best ways to grow your Instagram following. Create a business Instagram profile if you are using it to promote your business.

However, you need to ensure that your Instagram handle and profile name are easy to find. This will easily help users who are specifically looking for your brand to follow you.

The main points below can help improve your brand’s discoverability for potential customers searching for terms specific to your industry.

  • Create an easy-to-remember Instagram handle
  • Incorporating a few relevant keywords into your handle
  • Include your business website URL in your Instagram bio
  • Links to your other social media profiles should be included
  • Brand your profile page with your brand logo and colours

#2]. Schedule Instagram posts

To grow Instagram followers, you can not overlook the importance of scheduling Instagram posts. It’s one of the best ways to organically grow your Instagram followers.

In essence, it’s very important to be consistent when it comes to Instagram posts. This is one of the best ways for followers to easily find your content, increase your content reach, and boost your Instagram engagement.

However, it’s not just about being consistent. In fact, it’s also about being mindful of the best time to post content. You have to understand the best posting times on Instagram in order to generate better engagement on your posts.

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With a powerful tool like SocialBee, you can create content, craft your posts with captions ready to go, schedule your preferred time and day and let the tool publish your posts.

  • Understand the best time and day to post on Instagram
  • Know the worst time and day to post on Instagram
  • Post new content frequently to grow your follower
  • Generate more engagement on your Instagram posts
  • Adding location tags could also help logo and colours
Instagram photos
Instagram is a popular photo-sharing platform

#3]. Optimize your content

Do you know that optimizing your Instagram posts can also help you boost your followers? In fact, it could have game-changing effects on your organic Instagram growth strategies.

As a matter of fact, posting quality content alone is not enough nowadays. You also have to make sure that your content is optimized to reach more people as far as possible.

Make use of Instagram analytics to help you understand which content performs best based on your target audience. Engagement data such as likes, comments, and shares can help you find viral posts and then recreate similar posts.

Want to optimize your Instagram posts and maximize your Instagram follower count? Below are some of the stuff you should do now:

  • Post content with the right image sizes and aspect ratio
  • Write captivating captions for your content
  • Add relevant hashtags to your posts
  • Use product tags in your posts
  • Adding location tags could also help logo and colours

#4]. Make use of Instagram challenges

Do you know that many brands have successfully used Instagram challenges to grow their followers? So, are you also using challenges to grow your page’s popularity, and how well?

Create a challenge with a promise of rewards and encourage your audience to take part. Expand your reach; get people to talk about your brand and grow your Instagram followers.

This is one of the best strategies to use to boost your brand awareness and, most importantly, create a community of loyal customers. With Instagram challenges, you’ll be able to get access to high-quality user-generated content.

  • Create a challenge that pushes your audience to create content
  • Offer rewards to the winners e.g. free products or services
  • Incorporate relevant hashtags into your challenge
  • Encourage your audience to create photos, product demo videos, animations etc
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#5]. Use Instagram giveaway contests

Another great way to organically grow your Instagram account is through running giveaway contests. The fact is that many brands have successfully used this Instagram growth strategy to generate organic growth and you too can use it.

In most cases, this is similar to Instagram challenge strategies. Just ask your followers to follow your Instagram account and add as many of their online friends to participate.

You can incentivise your audience to participate by offering your products or other lead magnets that will hook their audience and make them want to participate in the contest. However, you should aware that many followers may leave your account after the giveaway contest is over.

  • Create giveaway contests that’ll help you get followers
  • Incentivise your audience with rewards to participate
  • Use giveaways to generate buzz around your brand or product
  • Marketing sometimes costs money but giveaway contests cost less
Organic Instagram Growth Strategies That Work Like Magic
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