SocialBee social media management tool
SocialBee social media management tool

Today, social media is a powerful marketing platform. However, businesses still need to have the right tools like SocialBee to really maximize the platform.

Social media has indeed changed the marketing game in this era of digital marketing. From Facebook to Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat, brands have plenty of opportunities to market their business.

Not only that, but it also means brands can easily build, grow and engage their audience as well as convert them into leads. However, all of these opportunities can only be easily achieved if you’re using the right social media tools.

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  • Analyze your audience
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Using SocialBee to engage your audience and convert leads

SocialBee offers social media management tools, training, and teams to help you get more leads with less effort.

Its all-in-one social media management tools and concierge services help you with content creation, posting, and recycling; and More.

The tool allows you to automatically post on all major networks. Also, it lets you organize your content in categories for the best content mix. You can also effortlessly repost your evergreen content for maximum impact, and save lots of time in the meantime.

SocialBee is used by thousands of small and medium businesses, startups, solopreneurs, bloggers, and marketing agencies from all around the world.

What makes SocialBee different

SocialBee is nothing like any other social media management tools you have used. This powerful but simple and easy-to-use tool helps you schedule your content on your social media platforms for better exposure.

SocialBee is a powerful social media management tool
Build trust and keep your customers engaged with SocialBee

It means you can easily share content across all your social profiles and easily grow your following, engage and convert them into leads. The tool helps you save a few hours each week when planning your content and helps you have a better grip on your audience.

SocialBee features

You can use the RSS implementation, import features, browser extension or the social media specialist concierge service to have content added to SocialBee automagically.

Also, SocialBee‘s team can help you get started, create content and improve your social presence, get you more leads, and save you even more time. They are social media specialists and they will give you peace of mind so you can focus on your business.

#1]. Evergreen / Categories

Not everybody on social media likes it if you’re too self-promotional or only post a specific type of content. So, this tool offers you the best content mix through category-based scheduling.

SocialBee evergreen / categories

It means you will be able to post a mix of various types of content on all your social profiles. In SocialBee you assign each post to a specific content category, so then it’s easy for you to schedule based on categories, rather than individual posts.

  • Tweak each post for each network best practices
  • Evergreen posts after a specific number of posts
  • Save time scheduling with Evergreen posting
  • Expire Evergreen posts at a specific date
  • Recycle content for better exposure

#2]. Posting

With SocialBee, you can post directly on Twitter (profiles), Facebook (profiles, pages you manage, and groups you’re an administrator of). Also, you can post on LinkedIn (profiles and company pages you’re an administrator of) and Google my Business (locations you’re an administrator of).

SocialBee post schedule

You can also post content on Instagram using SocialBee’s mobile app or through Buffer or Hootsuite integrations. Alternatively, you can post on Instagram by connecting your profile to your Buffer or Hootsuite account, and then to SocialBee.

  • Post on Pinterest with Hootsuite integration
  • Full control with separate schedule for each profile
  • Even better control with category sequence
  • See all future posts in a visual calendar
  • Post time-sensitive content at specific time

#3]. Easy import and editing

SocialBee also lets you import links or use your Pocket account to directly share different tags to multiple content categories. Its RSS Import lets you automatically import new articles or blog posts with ease.

SocialBee RSS feed

This means whenever a new article or blog post is published, a new post will be automatically created on SocialBee. However, you have full control over how the post is created – for which social profiles, under which category if it’s automatically approved or added as a draft, and more.

  • Powerful RSS and Pocket configuration
  • Import the articles you find through Pocket
  • Import your existing content through a CSV upload
  • You can import multiple links at once
  • Use draft posts for better quality control
  • Edit multiple post at once with the Bulk Editor

#4]. Custom URLs and tracking

Another great thing about SocialBee is the fact that you can easily create custom URLs for the content you share. This means you can make short URLs for your content by using SocialBee‘s own URL shorteners.

SocialBee tracking

Also, you can easily track your URLs with SocialBee. You can set custom UTM and Ref parameters in each content category for optimal tracking of the links you use. It even works together with URL shortening.

  • Get email notifications of all the important things
  • Import the articles you find through Pocket
  • Connect your Rebrandly account to brand your links
  • Connect your own Bitly account URL shortening
  • Track results through category-based UTM settings




Use SocialBee To Grow, Engage Audience and Convert More Leads
PIN IT: SocialBee Helps You Grow, Engage Your Audience and Convert More Leads

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