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The Essential Digital Marketing Trends of 2020 You Need To Know

Adeyemi Adisa By Adeyemi Adisa 4 Min Read
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Power your website with SEMrush

Digital marketing changes the rules every year, and it can be very challenging to keep up with those changes. So, what are the digital marketing trends of 2020 to watch?

Unfortunately, failing to update the way your marketing is designed, created, and shared can mean that you minimize its potential value.

In the fast-paced world of digital marketing, you need to be ready to adjust and make changes quickly.

With that in mind, here is a list of the digital marketing trends that you should be already integrating into your 2020 digital marketing strategy.

If you choose to ignore these trends, then you are going to start feeling the negative effects much sooner than you think.

#1]]. Social Commerce

It is now no longer necessary to convince social media users to leave a social platform and head to your own website in order to make a purchase.

Shoppable posts are becoming the standard for anyone that can sell online. That will mean looking at the social platforms most used by your target audience. It also means ensuring that you offer shoppable posts regularly.

#2]]. Personal Messaging

Modern marketing is all about personalization and making consumers feel more valued and appreciated on a personal level. That’s why more brands are expected to take their marketing efforts into direct messages in 2020.

Although this practice started seeing a rise in 2019. However, it is proving effective enough to become one of the hot topics for digital marketers around the world.


Essential Digital Marketing Trends of 2020

WhatsApp marketing is by far the most popular option right now, but with so many ways to communicate with direct messages, brands need to ensure that they are leveraging this option.

#3]]. Influencers

Much has been written about the rise of social media influencers. The fact is that influencers offer an authenticity that is easy for brands to benefit from. In 2020, making use of influencers is going to become more essential.

However, don’t fall into the trap of aligning yourself with the wrong influencers. You should look for micro-influencers that are already aligned with and connected to your business. This means you gain immediate authenticity and engagement, all at very little in the way of cost.

Changing the SEO game in 2020 is the growing use of the featured snippet on SERPs. These are having a dramatic effect on how SERPs are offering value. And also, there is a growing chance that in 2020 and beyond, you need to be a featured snippet or you will simply not be found online.

This will mean having a well-structured data-driven and managed SEO campaign that prioritizes online visibility. Partnering with marketing agencies can be the key to this potential shift in digital marketing. Established names like is leading the way when it comes to getting your business seen online.

There are quite good takeaways for digital marketers that want to excel in 2020. However, the key takeaway is to make the maximum use of personalization alongside the hard analytics that are increasingly available.

That combination of the human touch and the analytical is going to be critical as digital marketing continues to evolve. Keeping up with the latest trends in SEO is good for every business owner. Your business will benefit from improved visibility, brand trust, and authenticity.



Essential Digital Marketing Trends of 2020 Everyone Needs To Know
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