Career Development in 2021: How to Take the Next Step

What's your career development goal in 2021? Your career development is a huge part of your life. This article highlights how to take the next level in your career development...

Career development and growth
Career development and growth

Your career development is a huge part of your life. It will, in part, determine the wage that you’re able to negotiate and achieve.

Also, it’ll impact the positions that you’re able to fill, and thus the satisfaction that you’re able to draw from your job.

It’s easy to get stuck in a certain position for a number of years, especially, if you don’t have a clear idea of where you’re headed and how to get there.

You can get stuck without the upward mobility and the development required to really make an impression on senior managers around you.

The good thing is that you can still be able to earn your degree while working full time. This piece is about taking that next step and progressing your career in the direction you want to take.

Getting more training

It’s never too late to go back to school. In fact, for many business people, heading back to the classroom in some capacity is a vital part of their long-term career development.

This will give them the skills they need to take up a more senior role in their firm. Also, it offers them the skills to lead their colleagues into important projects or manage deadlines and clients well.

What's your career development plan?
What’s your career development goal?

One of the most effective ways to get this training is in conjunction with your current employer. If you’re able to make the case to them that the training will help the business you work for, you may be able to secure funding to study a business course.

Look into how to ask your employer to pay for a Business Certificate and find one that suits your needs in the months ahead.


Concentrate on core skills

Next up are your core skills: the skills that aren’t as specific as those you’ll develop on a course. However, they’ll take you far in your career, should you be ambitious enough to get promoted continually. Here, you should focus specifically on:

  • Leadership skills:
    Are you able to lead a team to successful results on projects?
  • Teamwork:
    Meanwhile, can you prove that you’re an effective member of a team?
  • Communication:
    Both written and spoken, can you get your point across easily?
  • Work rate:
    Are you able to concentrate for 8 hours a day on producing good work?
  • Problem solving:
    Can you spot problems and solve them efficiently in your day-to-day

All these key skills are vital for young professionals looking to prove their worth to senior managers and you should always concentrate on developing core skills to progress in your career.

Setting goals

As many a career coach will tell you, setting ambitious goals and objectives give you a sense of the future that you’re working towards and can be hugely motivational when the times get tough and you’re struggling to stay motivated for the job at hand.

It’s up to you to decide on these milestones you hope to reach in the future. You might choose to aim for a promotion in the next six months or a pay rise in the next three. You might hope to make a sideways move to a better company within a year.

These goals will add clarity and meaning to the work you are doing today, working towards a better tomorrow. Develop your career and develop as a person with the help of the advice laid out above.



Career Development in 2021: How to Take the Next Step
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