3 Simple Steps To Create Content That Ranks Higher on Search Engines

Discover winning keywords to create SEO-friendly content that ranks higher on search engines. Check out the best content creation tips to rank higher...

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Content creation tips to rank higher for SEO
Power your website with SEMrush

Power your website with SEMrush

There is more to content creation nowadays, however, being able to create content that ranks higher on search engines is essential.

In fact, being able to create performing content is the key to attracting web traffic to your website and boost your ability to make more sales.

Luckily, there are creative ways to create valuable content people are likely going to share, especially if you have the right content creation tools.

In other words, content creation tools play an important role when it comes to creating content with wow factors.

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The importance of keywords

When it comes to content creation, the importance of keywords can not be overlooked if you really want to create content to outperform your competitors.

As a matter of fact, creating content that’s successful in search engines relies on identifying the keywords your target audience is using.

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Create content and optimise it for better exposure

Additionally, you will need to understand the intent behind each of these queries, and mapping the content that would satisfy the search intent.

This may sounds complicated, especially if you’re new to content creation or you are not an SEO or content marketing expert.


Below are the 3-step workflow for creating a content plan that will resonate with your audience and perform well in search — even if you’ve never done it before.

#1]. Keywords discovery

Even if you’ve never done keyword research before, you can use the Keyword Magic Tool to find relevant keywords for your business and audience.

With this, you will be able to discover hundreds of relevant keywords to rank your website higher on search engines.

All you have to do is to simply enter one or more seed keywords, and the tool will return hundreds or even thousands of relevant keywords people use to search for your products.

You can then select the keywords you want to target (the more, the better) and press “Add to keyword list” from the interface.

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#2]. Group relevant keywords together

Having create a list of relevant keywords, then you can go to SEMrush Keyword Manager and open the list you just created. The tool will automatically group similar keywords or keywords targeting similar intents into “clusters.”

Furthermore, the tool will also provide you with information about the primary intents behind these searches (e.g., whether they’re mostly informational or transactional).

Other information include monthly search volume per cluster, keyword difficulty, and mind map visualization. It’ll even highlight those with high ranking potential.

With this smart keyword research tool, you can create content that ranks higher. Create engaging content to captivate your audience with 24 billion keyword opportunities right at your fingertips.

#3]. Prioritize your content topic

The awesome benefits of using keywords search tools for search engines optimisation can not be overlooked when it comes to content creation.

Prioritizing your content topics is essential when it comes to creating content that rank higher in search engines. One of the best ways to do this is to ensure that you review each cluster of content ideas.

As a result, you can then effectively prioritize which one of the content ideas you want to go after first. In essence, you will have to identify the content you need to create or update in order to target these keywords efficiently.


You can tailor your content based on the keywords in each cluster or the search intent. This will greatly help when it comes to content optimisation and boosting web traffic.

For example, if a cluster topic has informational intent, you can create educational guides or blog posts to match it.

Having discovered the winning keywords and decided what to target, you can send your clusters directly to the SEMrush SEO Writing Assistant to create your SEO-friendly optimized content.

Additionally, you will be able to improve readability to attract and retain readers. Follow this simple workflow to create great content that ranks and resonates with your audience faster and easier than ever before.

How To Create Content That Ranks Higher on Search Engines
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