Amazon vs Alibaba: Who Is Winning The eCommerce War? [Infographic]

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Amazon vs Alibaba Infographic

What we all know as the great Amazon today laid its cornerstone in 1995 as an online bookstore. Whereas Alibaba, the leader in the Chinese eCommerce market kicked off its venture in 1999, nearly five years after Amazon.

These eCommerce giants have evolved over time and grown to become major players in the global eCommerce space now. Not only that, both Amazon and Alibaba are true inspirations for hundreds of successful e-commerce ventures across the world.

Amazon debuted with $18 per share on IPO in 1997 and consequently raised $54 million and reached a market value of $438 million. Meanwhile, Alibaba which debuted with $92.70 per share in 2014 was able to raise $25 billion at a market value of $231.44 billion.

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Amazon vs Alibaba: Who is winning the eCommerce war?

In the year 2013, two of Alibaba’s websites recorded about $240 billion in sales, which was double the size of Amazon. A major portion of Amazon’s revenue comes from electronic products and merchandise, and digital media content.

Alibaba operates a number of e-commerce sites targeting different types of sellers. Though it seems similar to Amazon at a first glance, this platform doesn’t sell anything directly. It helps small businesses and branded manufacturers reach consumers and this, in turn, makes them more profitable.

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Amazon operates as a managed online platform that is similar to a traditional store to buy online. Amazon will need to invest billions to develop its distribution and content infrastructure in China whereas Alibaba will find it quite challenging to compete with Amazon’s strong brand presence and advanced supply chain and logistics skills in the Western markets.

Put together by Ecommerce-Platforms, the infographic below highlights the growth track of these two giant eCommerce platforms. It also highlights data and information related to market capitalization, employee base, shareholders, operating countries, and profits.

Amazon vs Alibaba: Who Is Winning The eCommerce War?


Amazon vs Alibaba: Who Is Winning The eCommerce War? [Infographic]
PIN IT: Amazon vs Alibaba: Who Is Winning The eCommerce War? [Infographic]
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