How To Make Money On Pinterest With Affiliate Marketing

using Pinterest for affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing still remains one of the best ways to make money online. But do you know that you can make money on Pinterest with affiliate marketing?

However, making money online through affiliate marketing is sometimes not as easy as some people might think. For bloggers, it’s all about targeting the right niche markets if you want to maximize your affiliate earnings.

If you are nursing an ambition to become an affiliate marketer, I hope that I am not going to put you off if I said it requires a significant amount of effort to be able to make money via affiliate marketing.

Well, it’s not easy and it’s not too hard. You need to, first of all, establish yourself as a marketer or an influencer whose audience will see as the top source for valuable and exciting content.

Also, you will need to network too. You will need to have social media presence that cuts across all the major social media platforms. This is how people will see you and your content!

Pinterest and affiliate marketing

Pinterest is one of the most popular social bookmarking platforms with more than 100 million monthly active users (MAUs). After improving their spam detection system, Pinterest recently announced that affiliate links are allowed on the platform again. This is a good news from Pinterest having imposed a ban on posting affiliate links 18 months ago.

The reason that was given for the ban then was that affiliate links were being abused by spammers, blighting the user experience with irrelevant pins and broken links. Pinterest also acknowledges that businesses and bloggers need a sustainable way to make great content in their announcements.

So how can you optimize this additional revenue stream? Want to know how to easily make money on Pinterest with affiliate marketing? Check out our best practice tips below.


#1]. Be original rather than being fake

Yes, you can be anything on social networking websites but the very best of acceptable practices is to be yourself. Be original. Be authentic and people will fall in love with you.

“The best thing is to be original and authentic and people will fall in love with you”

When it comes to affiliate marketing, it’s essential to make sure to only link to products that you like yourself and would genuinely recommend.

Don’t just share links because you are looking for web traffic. This is one of the major mistakes some affiliate marketers are making while promoting their affiliate links.

Let user experience be your number one priority by sharing relevant pins they will find useful. It’s suicidal to only share links to drive web traffic. This will mean that you are abusing the opportunity given to you to promote your affiliate links. You will be easily known and referred to as a spammer rather than a marketer.

#2]. Offer valuable and useful information

Content consumption largely depends on how valuable and useful they are to your audience. When you provide useful information presented with strikingly awesome graphics, you are not only going to get more people to share and re-pin your content, you will also be able to make yourself a top source for valuable content.

What you should remember is that Pinterest is mainly used to find inspiration, recipes, and DIY tutorials which means users are looking for in-depth information to help them make purchasing decisions.

So rather than simply including an affiliate link with your pin, try to write a description with relevant and useful information about your experience and/or opinion. Not only could it influence a purchase but it will also help your pins to be searched for more easily by users.

#3]. Test out Promoted Pins

As well as being able to use affiliate links on Pinterest again, you can also use them on promoted pins. Promoted pins are regular pins that you pay to increase their visibility to more people.

Similar to other social media advertising, the biggest benefit of paying for promoted pins is that you’re able to target users. Pinterest will then place the pins where your target audience is most likely to notice and interact with them.

You can also choose whether you pay for engagements or visits to your site, and once the campaign has started running you can monitor and make changes if necessary. Check out Pinterest’s best practise guide for promoted pin campaigns.

#4]. Don’t hide, provide disclosure

The fact is that one of the best ways to build online relationships with your social media audience is, to be honest with them.


No need to hide the fact that you are promoting your affiliate marketing link with your content. Let them know, it would further make you a trustworthy marketer.

It’s important to provide disclosure to your audience to gain trust, comply with the law, and for SEO purposes. The same applies to Pinterest – when using affiliate links in your pins, simply state that it is in a text.

#5]. Attractive pins perform better

If you really want people to click on your pins and possibly drive web traffic to your affiliate links, the best thing is to make sure that your pins are as attractive as possible.

Graphics matter on social media, and especially on Pinterest. For people to be persuaded to share your content, you have to choose the images of the products you want to share carefully. It may be better to create nice surroundings to take your own photos of the products, rather than using the product images from a website.

Also, remember that over 80% of Pinterest’s daily traffic comes from mobile, so ensure that your graphics are mobile optimised. For example, if you use images with writing, make sure the fonts are readable, even on a smaller screen.



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