Alternative Online Marketplaces To Sell Your Used and Unwanted Items

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Nowadays, people are turning to the Internet for ideas to make money. Luckily, there are so many online marketplaces out there that can help you generate extra income.

Everyone wants to have one or two side hustles to make passive income, especially as people are now loosing their job due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Fortunately, the internet has changed the games for us. Now, you can do almost everything online. You can use or sell your skills to make money.

Obviously, there are other several ways to legally make money. However, selling your used and unwanted items online is probably the most common and easiest way to make extra income.

Marketplaces to sell used and unwanted items

The fact is that we all have one or two stuff or items we probably wouldn’t mind selling off. Rather than having these items occupying spaces in your home, you can easily sell them online to raise money.

So, if have stuff you aren’t using, clothes you no longer wear, equipment or gadgets you no longer need, get rid of them. This can help you generate extra income and make money online legally to finance your other needs/wants.

The internet is your friend and there are some great online marketplaces out there where you can sell those stuff to make money. Below are some of the best online marketplaces to sell your used and unwanted items:


eBayStart from eBay; it is probably the most popular platform for selling variously used and unwanted items. You can easily set up your eBay store to sell such used items as books, jewelry, wedding dresses, and electronics. If you want to make money via your used items, eBay offers you one of the best ways to do that.



#2]. Bonanza

Bonanza online marketplaceBonanza is another good online marketplace that lets you sell clothes, books, DVDs, and much more. One of the best things about this marketplace is that you don’t have to pay a monthly store or listing fee.

Also, it’s so easy to list your items on Bonanza. The selling fees ain’t that much and they offer fantastic technical support.


#3]. BookScouter

BookScouter online marketplace
Arguably the best marketplace to sell used and old books on the internet. BookScouter helps you sell textbooks and used books for the most money.

The platform compares offers from over 30 book buyback vendors (including Amazon and BookByte) with a single search.


#4]. thredUP

Probably the world’s largest online thrift store, thredUP is where you can buy and sell high-quality secondhand clothes.

This is a popular fashion resale platform that inspires a new generation to think secondhand first.


#5]. Gazelle

This is a platform to buy and sell pre-owned consumer electronics — phones, tablets, iPods, and Apple laptops. Gazelle simply helps you cash in on your old equipment.


#6]. Ziffit

Another good platform to sell your used or unused books, CDs, DVDs, and games. All you have to do is to just scan or enter your barcodes and Ziffit will give you an instant price. They offer a FREE courier or drop-off service to send your items.



#7]. VarageSale

VarageSale is a virtual garage sale website and app that lets you sell new and used items locally.

It currently has users across the United States and Canada, as well as in Australia, Germany, Italy, Japan, and the UK.


#8]. Mercari

Mercari online marketplace
Mercari offers a fast and easy way to sell or buy almost anything. It is an online marketplace that lets you sell something you don’t use, never used, or just outgrew, from clothing to tech and sports equipment.


#9]. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace
Do you know that you can also use Facebook Marketplace to sell used and unwanted items?

It connects you to people in your area looking to buy anything from old wedding supplies to concert tickets and furniture.


#10]. Tradesy

Tradesy online marketplace
Tradesy is an online peer-to-peer resale marketplace for used women’s clothing where you can sell bags, shoes, clothes, and wedding dresses.

It offers one of the most trusted ways to buy and sell pre-owned luxury designer fashion.



#11]. NextWorth

NextWorth online marketplace
It is an electronics trade-in and recycling platform where you can exchange used electronics for cash or discounts on newer models.

It lets you sell used phones and tablets, as well as wearable devices.


#12]. Decluttr

Decluttr online marketplace
Decluttr is the fast, easy, and totally free way to sell cell phones, tech, CDs, DVDs, and games!

It’ll give you a FREE instant valuation for everything you want to sell. No auctions, no fees, and no hassle!



Alternative Online Marketplaces To Sell Your Used and Unwanted Items
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