Tricks To Get More Affiliate Marketing Sales

affiliate marketing sales funnel

How well are you doing with your affiliate earnings? Do you know there are tricks that can get you more affiliate marketing sales?

Just like any other type of marketing, affiliate marketing is ultimately about selling something to a target audience that needs it.

However, the fact is that making money online through affiliate marketing is not as straightforward as people might think.

As an affiliate marketer, you will have to put in more effort to make sales and generate revenue through your affiliate links.

The essence of sales funnel

Whether you are a business owner or an affiliate marketer, you need a sales funnel to find the right audience and make sales.

However, do you know how to create or build a sale funnel and use it for your affiliate marketing needs?

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In fact, targeting the right audience is the best way to get more sales as an affiliate marketer. Also, you will need to show them why they need the product you promote and what problems it can solve.

As a matter of fact, you need to be able to do that at scale, over time, again and again. This is exactly what a sales funnel can help you with.

In essence, sales funnels represent your buyer’s journey from when they start looking for a product or service to when they buy it.


It’s represented by a funnel because at the top of it – when people search for and consider a product or service and its competitors – there’s much more of them than at the bottom, which is the moment of purchase and beyond it, where customer loyalty happens.

Affiliate marketing sales funnel

Why marketers need sales funnels?

Are you wondering why affiliate marketers need sales funnels? There’re several reasons, but most importantly, it helps you:

  • Organize your sales process and make sure you find the right people for the product you’re promoting.
  • Guide people to the purchase, showing them the product or service’s benefits and how it can solve their problems.

A marketing funnel is a simple way to increase your conversion rates and sales consistently.

How affiliate sales funnel looks like?

So, what does an affiliate sales funnel might look like? Below is an example of how a simple affiliate sales funnel could look like this:

  • A landing page with a signup form (also known as your opt-in page).
  • A thank you page to thank people for the signup.
  • An email, or a series of emails, with the actual offer (including your affiliate link.)
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The landing page is where you collect email addresses to capture leads in your sales funnel and hint at your offer.

Also, the landing page could be a blog post you’re going to drive web traffic to. Either way, it is the heart of your offer.

However, to pull traffic to it (and more leads into your funnel), you need to find sources that will drive traffic to that page. These can be:

  • Social media posts
  • Your YouTube videos
  • Email marketing

This guides people down the funnel, giving them time and resources to go from the consideration phase to actually figuring out that they need the product and want to buy it.

Then, you take them from the email to a sales page, where the actual purchase happens. This is where you can lay out all the details of the offer and include your affiliate link.

So the entire sales funnel could look like this:


what an affiliate sales funnel look like

Making sales with affiliate marketing

Making sales with affiliate marketing requires a lot of effort – you have to be able to convince people to take action.

These are just some of the basic tips to improve your sales by adding a sales funnel into the picture. Look out for my next email, in which I’m going to talk about how to build a sales funnel step by step.

And don’t forget that the main rule to make any affiliate program work is to match the product to the audience.

If you do that, building an effective affiliate marketing funnel will be much easier and will bring much higher conversion rates and more sales.


Tricks To Get More Affiliate Marketing Sales
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