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How to Use Marketing Stickers to Increase Brand Awareness

Anthony Williams By Anthony Williams 2 Min Read
how to use marketing stickers to increase brand awareness
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Marketing could eat up your entire marketing budget within a short period of time. However, using marketing stickers can help increase your brand awareness.

Stickers and labels offer a great way to get the word about your brand out, and you don’t have to spend a fortune. The fact is that marketing has gone beyond traditional media.

Nowadays, it’s all about digital marketing and if you want to be successful at it, you probably will have to reassess your marketing materials to include marketing stickers.

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Using marketing stickers to increase brand awareness

Business owners are desperate to market and improve their brand recognition. This is an undeniable fact as every business owner knows the importance of marketing.

However, it’s also a fact that not everyone definitely has the budget to splash out on a pricey digital marketing campaign or pay for an ad slot on television. So, what’s the best solution? Marketing stickers and custom labels can help you improve your brand reach and awareness.

Marketing stickers and custom labels offer an affordable way to add value to the way you market your brand. Stickers can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and they’re easy to use and look good.

Using marketing stickers to increase brand awareness

Read on to learn about just a few of the many uses for marketing stickers. You might be surprised by just how much of an impact these small stickers can have.


#1]. Put Them on Packaging

You know custom packaging is important, but it can also be pretty expensive. Marketing stickers are the perfect way to brand your packaging without breaking the bank. You can even print out large amounts of online labels and stickers to help make budget branded packaging even easier. 

#2]. Place on Your Laptop

Whether you’re stuck at the airport, working at the library, or writing at a coffee shop, put branded stickers on your laptop. 

It’s a great conversation starter, it gets other people curious about your business, and it makes it easy to find your laptop in the airport security bins! Everyone wins here. 

#3]. Include as a Free Gift

You want to be able to include a free gift when your customers make a purchase, but you don’t yet have the funds to give away your products. You can use custom labels to solve this problem. 

Include them in your packaging and encourage customers to put them on signs around town, place them on a bulletin board, or even think of putting stickers on water bottles to make theirs easy to find. 

Make sure you tell your clients to upload photos of where they have put the stickers and create a unique hashtag so it’s easy to find them. Remember that customers love being featured on a brand’s social media account. 

#4]. Jazz up a Car Window

You can put your brand labels and stickers on your car windows to let other drivers on the road know what your brand is all about. We suggest that you include a social media handle on the sticker, as well.

This way, when passengers are stuck in traffic, they can browse through your social media page. They’ll get to know your brand while they wait for that accident to get cleared up. If you allow in-app purchases off Instagram or Facebook, a traffic jam could even get you a sale!

You’ve Tried Marketing Stickers: What’s Next?

Now that you’ve got tons of ideas on how to make marketing stickers work for your brand, it's time to try them out. But once marketing stickers have helped you to grow your brand, what should you do next? Our blog can help you to figure that out. 

Whether you need to know what to look for in custom packaging, are ready to start a blog, or if your social media strategy needs, work, we have the tips you’ve been looking for. Keep checking in with our posts for fresh marketing tips and tactics. You’ll be glad you did.





How to Use Marketing Stickers to Increase Brand Awareness
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  • Hi Anthony,
    What kind of stickers do you suggest for a services business like myself? I manage and train social media, and am a time saver for social media management. At the moment I do give customers pens with my company name, info but I like the idea of stickers too.

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