No doubt about it, Fiverr a popular global online marketplace offering tasks and services, beginning at a cost of $5 per job performed, from which it gets its name.

Fiverr is there for you whether you are interested in selling your services or you are looking to buy services or gigs from freelancers.

Do you know that Fiverr used to be the only alternative to big freelancing websites such as Elance and Freelancer?

It used to be the only place to be for online remote jobs and it charges less than others.

Whether you are a proper freelancer or just a regular office-going guy, Fiverr gives you a chance to earn some quick bucks.

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Best Fiverr Alternatives

Fiverr alternatives

Yes, is also a great place to get your freelancing career started and make money online.

But there are other Fiverr alternatives that offer similar services and at times better options.

So are you a freelancer looking for some good Fiverr alternatives?

Below are some of the best Fiverr alternatives for whatever your interests are:

#1). Seoclerks

SEOClerks is one of the best Fiverr alternatives out there. However, as the name suggests, it’s mostly aimed at people looking to have SEO work done. You can purchase backlinks, social network followers, linkwheels and pyramids.

Seoclerks is a large and busy platform for all things related to SEO and Internet Marketing. If you are looking to buy or sell in this niche, it may be a better option for you than Fiverr.

The website offers the widest range of fees you can ask for your gigs, from $1 to $999. Payments are made via PayPal, Payee, and Alertpay/Payza.

#2). GigBucks

Gigbucks is another micro jobs website that operates like Fiverr but it doesn’t really do much to withstand the popularity of Fiverr. Its biggest selling point over Fiverr is that gigs can be priced between the range of $5 to $50.

Also, sellers have the option of getting paid via Payza and credit cards. It’s free to join. You can post as many gigs as you want but they take a 20% commission, nothing special about it.

#3). Fourerr

Fourerr is another online marketplace for micro jobs, gigs, freelancers and freelancing jobs. Fourerr it has a mission to bring together smart buyers with smart sellers in the context of affordability. We think they are doing that!

As the name suggests, Fourerr gigs start at $4. Sellers also have the ability to add gig extras for various small amounts, and there is a rating system as well.

Fourerr empowers buyers and sellers to build their dreams, one micro-job at a time. So, if you want to expand your reach, it may be worth it to go there.

#4). MyCheapJobs

We don’t really know much about MyCheapJobs because we have not tried it yet but we think we should add it on our list because of the positive reviews we have seen all over the internet.

MyCheapJobs has quite high traffic which might means they are doing something right there. Gigs on MyCheapJobs range from $5 – $50 and they have a simple and fair job level scheme.

So is MyCheapJobs one of the best Fiverr alternatives? Well, considering the amount of traffic the site enjoys and the level of engagements on the website plus positive reviews on the internet, we think so and would like you to try it out!

#5). PeoplePerHour

No doubt about it, PeoplePerHour is one of the best Fiverr alternatives we can trust. PeoplePerHour allows freelancer to post their services which can be bought online just like Fiverr does.

They also have extensive project posting functionality which allow users to post their projects and get bidding from freelancers. All this for FREE. Here the hourlies (gigs) can go over $150.

But unlike Fiverr you can expect some high-quality freelancers. If you can afford it then we recommend check it out.

Other Fiverr alternatives we think you might like


TenBux another Fiverr alternative, despite what the name might suggest, when you start out as a seller, gigs actually start at $5, the max price is $10 and they take a whopping 20% commision just like Fiverr does.


Taskarmy screened the sellers on its website and manually approved them before they can be listed and they are encouraged to list competitive, yet more realistic prices for their services. Unlike Fiverr, there is a certain sense of order and professionalism on this site.


Tenrr is more like a Fiverr script clone site and it claims to be a completely free micro job website.

No Signup Costs, No Fees! Just find and buy cheap Facebook likes, Twitter tweets and followers, articles, web developers and other website-related tasks for less than $10!

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  1. I can relate very much to this post. It’s nice to know more resources about how to make money online. Thank you.

  2. Fiverr has recently become nothing more than a waste of money because some of the service providers are scammers. I have had some really bad experiences recently. Thanks for these alternatives anyway

  3. Great article – I always thing it’s a great when there are alternatives to sites such as Fiverr, the more services out there to help freelancers the better. We’re just about to launch our own UK alternative to Fiverr called goTask. When we launch I would hope that you would consider adding us to your list?

  4. Thanks for putting this list together. Just what I have been looking for. I’ve used SEOclerks before with poor results, so I am always looking for alternatives.

  5. I believe People per hour is the best so far. They prefer quality over price and that’s why their services are far better as compared to Fiverr.

  6. i can also suggest gigsgiver… seems so lovely and i start to create my new gigs there too and hope i can reach some new customer….

  7. Fivedollarr is a new fiverr like website currently seeking sellers. Sellers get to set their own starting prices. Check it out!

  8. Many peoples try their skills on Fiverr but get any response, for that reason they think that it is not a good platform or spam etc. but the reality is entirely different, some peoples also create their fake profile on Fiverr so that can rejected by the client.

    Thanks for Sharing your Work 🙂

  9. Thank you for the post. I’m always looking for new up and coming sites to post my services. I’ve been using bubli dot in, it has no price restrictions and dojobsonline dot com has also gotten me a lot of sales.

  10. Nice list. You can also add this site into your list. I just started working on this site. Its a new site and doing well. They are focusing on real estate related services. Check out dothis4me dotcom

  11. I would also suggest Lovefiverr as it allows sellers to set their prices for the gigs. I have been using Fiverr but it limitations and you cannot sell more than 7 gigs if your a beginner.I will also try Fourerr ,Thank you

  12. Thanks for such a comprehensive list! I can also suggest checking out YouTeam. It’s a marketplace for tech talent offering an alternative approach to traditional IT outsourcing. Think it can be really useful for those looking for a faster and more transparent way of hiring people.


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