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Safety at Work: What You Should Be Aware in Your Surroundings

Elechi Emekobum By Elechi Emekobum 4 Min Read

Nowadays, safety at work is extremely essential for every business owner and employee. It’s important that employees are aware of their surroundings.

In the UK, to say that the government is serious about safety at work is not an exaggeration. In fact, it’s so important that there are legislations and guidelines that every business owner and employer must adhere to.

These legislations and guidelines are designed to promote a healthy work environment. As an employer. it’s important to know how workplace legislation applies to you.

What You Should Be Aware

As an employer, you are expected to provide a safe, comfortable, and happy work environment for your employees to work in. Your failure to do this means you are breaking the laws.

Also, it means your workplace is not fit for purpose as you are exposing your staff to hazards and they can easily sustain workplace injuries.

However, as an employee, it’s important to always be aware of your surroundings. This is essential because being aware of your surroundings can help avoid workplace injuries.

As a matter of fact, it’s the responsibility of everyone involved when it comes to safety in the work environment. Below are some things to be aware of in your work environment:

#1]. Be aware of First Aid kits

Workplaces are now expected to have First Aid Kits. As an employee, you should know where the first aid kits are stored or located at your workplace. Also, you need to know which staff members are trained to administer first aid if an injury occurs.

#2]. Be aware of manual handling tools

When it comes to manual handling, you should always choose mechanical aids such as a forklift or wheelbarrow to help lift items and encourage others to do the same.


#3]. Proper labelling is essential

Proper labelling is crucial, especially, when you are in a work environment. Make sure that hazardous areas and materials are properly labelled with appropriate signage.

#4]. Emergency exits are important

It’s important to know where the emergency exits are located within your workplace. Also, emergency exits must be accessible, kept clear, and uncluttered in the event of an emergency.

#5]. Don’t improvise, use the right tools

In most cases, improvisation is not the best way to go especially in a workplace. Therefore, it’s important to always use the right tools and equipment. For instance, use secure, steady ladders and never use boxes or anything else as an improvised ladder.

Watch out for wet floor

#6]. Always be on the lookout

It’s important to always be on the lookout whether you are working in a crowded or less busy office or work environment. For example, look for spills or items on the floor that could be tripped over.

#7]. Emergency procedures

Make sure you know and understand the emergency procedures in case of any kind of emergency. For example, you should know the procedures in the event of a fire, flood, or earthquake.

#8]. Proper use of tools and machines

You should always make sure that you use tools and machines properly and as instructed and encourage other workers to do the same. This will could help you to avoid injury at the workplace.

#9]. Safety gear and equipment

Whenever you need to, always ensure that you are with the appropriate safety equipment and gear for each task you are doing.

Safety at Work: What You Should Be Aware in Your Surroundings
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