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Launching a start-up business is one of the best ways to achieve financial freedom. Here we feature brilliant articles and essential tips and resources you need to successfully launch a start-up business.

action plans for launching a new startup

6 Essential Business Action Plans for Launching a New Startup

Entrepreneurship can be fun and challenging at the same time. Here are the action plans for young entrepreneurs when launching a new startup
Non-British National? How to Set-Up a Business in the UK

Non-British National? How to Set-Up a Business in the UK

Are you a non-British national and planning to set-up a business in the UK? What you need to set up a business depends on so many factors.
how to buy an existing business

What to Think About When Buying an Existing Business

Are you planning to buy an existing business or start your own business from the ground? Here are the things to do if you want to buy an existing business
how to overcome new startup product manufacturing challenges

How to Tackle Product Manufacturing Challenges as a New Hardware Startup

Nowadays, more startups are founded based on hardware innovations. This is how to tackle product manufacturing challenges as a new hardware startup
frustrated millennial businessman

4 Main Benefits Of Selling Your Failing Business

So many busineses are struggling to survive. If your business is struggling, here are some of the benefits of selling your failing business before it's too late
helping trucking startups build momentum

4 Tips to Help Trucking Startups Build Momentum

Trucking startups are springing up to help companies achieve their logistic goals. But how do you build momentum for new trucking startups?
business diversification tips

How To Easily Get Your Business Ready for Diversification

Diversification is a crucial step to take for any small business looking to thrive in today’s marketplace. But is your business ready for diversification?
frustrated and struggling young businessman

What To Do If Your Business Is Struggling

How do you revive a struggling business? What are the things to do if your business is struggling? Here are the essential things to do to revive a struggling business
self-employment working from home hidden costs

Hidden Costs Of Self-Employment You Probably Don’t Know

There is more to self-employment than what you probably think. Here are some of the hidden costs of self-employment you should know
get a purpose-built office complex for your small business

Best Time to Move a Business from the Home Office into a Purpose-built Complex

When is the perfect time for your business to upscale into a purpose-built office complex? This article shows the best time to move a business from home office into a purpose-built complex.
entrepreneur woman and laptop screen

Entrepreneurship 101: Why You Should Start Your Own Business

Do you know why you should start your own business? Here are the reasons why you should go into entrepreneurship and start your own business.
best ways to create value for your employees and improve their motivation

How To Create Value for Your Employees And Improve Motivation

Employees are vital keys of entrepreneurship success. Here are some of the best ways to create value for your employees and improve their motivation
entrepreneurs finding solutions

Smart Ways To Keep Your Business Finger on the Pulse

Time is one of the most important things in entrepreneurship. This article shows how to keep your business finger on the pulse and ensure that you do not fall behind the current trends of your market, sector, or niche.
entrepreneur working on a laptop

6 Startup Boosts To Get You Up And Running

Starting a new business venture is not as easy as eating cake without the right level of know-how. Here are a few tips to positively kickstart your trading as a fledgling company.
how to start eCommerce business online

E-commerce Business: How To Build, Launch And Grow On A Low Budget

E-commerce is a profitable business idea with a high rate of success. Do you want to build your own eCommerce business online? This article shows how to successfully build, launch and grow an eCommerce business on a low budget
best photo book printers for quality and excellent services

10 Best Photo Book Printing Services You Should Be Using Right Now

There are so many photo book printing services out there, but which one can you use? Here is a list of some of the best photo book printing services you can use right now