Best Virtual Reality Headsets You Can Get Right Now

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Samsung Gear is one of the best VR headsets to get right now

With the advent of Virtual Reality headsets, modern tech has given us the possibility to see things from a different perspective.

The fact is that the last few years of Virtual Reality have opened up a whole lot of possibilities for tech lovers.

Now you can watch anything from home videos, musical videos, and even cinematic movies in virtual reality.

Not only that, playing your favourite games in virtual reality will offer a great experience than you would have imagined.

In short, having a good VR headset can mean a whole world and then some more. Most of the smartphones in the market today offer support for virtual reality.

Best Virtual Reality Headsets

VR is a big business and its popularity continues to grow. Analysts have predicted that the VR industry will be worth more than $160 billion by 2020.

Also, there is an ongoing effort to build up an exclusive VR content library to help boost VR headset popularity. So, are you looking for a good virtual reality to watch 360-degree videos and play virtual reality games?

Depending on your budget, there are quite a great number of good virtual reality headsets that you can get in the market today. Below are some of the best virtual reality headsets we think you can get right now.

#1]. Sony PlayStation VR Headset

Sony PlayStation VR Headset
Product features
  • Experience 3D gaming
  • Augmented reality
  • 360° vision & true 3D audio
  • Compatible with PlayStation 4
  • Full HD graphics at 120 fps
  • Built-in microphone

Designed to comfortably fit, Sony PlayStation VR Headset is lightweight and offers one of the best virtual reality experiences. It uses a PlayStation 4’s built-in GPU making it stands out from other VR headsets that may require you to purchase an expensive graphics card. Get PlayStation VR headset cheap @ Amazon, Ebay, Currys, Walmart.


#2]. HTC Vive Headset

HTC Vive Headset
Product features
  • Full virtual reality experience at home
  • 110° field of view for captivating immersion
  • Includes tools needed to run VR on a PC
  • 32 headset sensors for 360° motion tracking

HTC Vive Headset is another great and reliable option you can get in the market. This is a premium headset and it is specially built for room-scale experiences and comes with a precise, 360-degree controller and headset tracking. This translates to realistic movements and actions which give you a personal VR experience. Get HTC Vive Headset cheap @ Amazon, Ebay.

#3]. Oculus Rift Headset

Oculus Rift Headset
Product features
  • Full virtual reality experience at home
  • Constellation tracking for object manipulation
  • New Touch experiences from the Oculus store
  • Includes tools needed to run VR on a PC
  • Integrated VR sound system

Oculus Rift Headset is specifically built for people who want a premium VR experience at a discounted price. The headset comes with Touch controllers, sensors, and six free apps with hours of entertainment. Pull the comfortable headset on and Oculus will put you in a fully 3D world. Get Oculus Rift Headset cheap @ Amazon, Ebay.

#4]. Oculus Go Headset

Oculus Go Headset
Product features
  • Stand-alone VR headset, no additional devices
  • Over 1000 games/apps in the Oculus Store
  • Lightweight and comfortable design
  • Surround sound audio built-in

Oculus Go Headset is an easy-to-use headset; just charge and put it on your face, and you are ready to go. This is arguably the perfect choice for anyone with no tech knowledge. The headset requires no technical know-how to set up the sensors as well as related software or drivers. This powerful virtual reality headset is portable and completely wireless. Get Oculus Go Headset cheap @ Amazon, Ebay.

#5]. Samsung Gear VR

Samsung Gear VR Headset
Product features
  • Virtual reality powered by Oculus
  • Now with handheld controller
  • Large optics for a wide field of view

Samsung Gear VR is a premium headset that comes with wonderful straps which hold it firmly on your head. Samsung is known for comfort and class, and that’s exactly what this headset offers. The controller helps you navigate through games and it feels just like using a remote control. You can also use it as a gamepad with a trigger to win battles. Get Samsung Gear VR cheap @ Ebay, Walmart.

Best Virtual Reality Headsets You Can Get Right Now
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