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Will Video Marketing Thrive In 2020?

Platterofgold Editor By Platterofgold Editor 3 Min Read
video marketing 2020 statistics infographic
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With the popularity of social media, video marketing is now a key marketing strategy. However, how well will brands use videos for marketing in 2020?

Social media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube have changed the marketing game for brands. These two giant platforms are the major players when it comes to performing social media advertising platforms brands should be using.

Video has been playing a major role in business marketing since the advent of television. And nowadays, it’s probably the best marketing strategy that offers great returns on investment.

Video content now even offers much more than still images, especially when it comes to social media marketing. In fact, it has been the most important means of marketing nowadays.

Video marketing statistics

The use of video by brands to get their messages out is becoming a necessity. However, how well will video marketing perform in 2020? Has the medium reached its peak or will it continue to thrive?

Will Video Marketing Thrive In 2020?

According to a Google study, 6 out of 10 people would rather watch online videos than television. This study reaffirmed the belief that videos are incredibly popular with consumers.

Also, the rise of popular video-sharing apps like TikTok means people really love video. Remember that the app reached 500 million monthly active users within 3 years after its launch.

In another development, data from Hubspot also show that 72% of consumers would prefer to learn about a product in a video, as opposed to other mediums.


Will video marketing thrive in 2020?

Looking at all the available data from the previous studies, one can easily deduce that videos will continue to play a major role in business marketing in 2020. In fact, video strategies are already delivering some impressive results.

Studies have shown that around 46% of online users take action after they view a video advertisement. Every marketing strategy has a call-to-action, and videos can help give consumers that push they need to take that next step.

Therefore, one can easily predict that video content will become an integral part of influencer marketing campaigns in 2020. Also, videos will become the best way for brands to get their messages out.

More brands will look to produce video product reviews from trusted content creators. Considering this, videography is set to develop and thrive within the new year. Courtesy of Breadnbeyond, the infographic below highlights some of the key statistics and data for 2020.

video marketing 2020 statistics infographic

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