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5 Powerful Twitter Management Tools For Better Engagements [Updated]

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powerful Twitter management tools for better engagements

Twitter has become a powerful marketing platform for businesses. But do you know that there are great Twitter management tools out there that you can use?

Many of these tools promise to help you follow the people that matter most or share similar interests with you.

Yes most of them do as they promised but in most cases, their services are not completely free. Since it was created, Twitter has transformed the ways people communicate online.

This micro-blogging platform has become a powerful marketing tool through which businesses can market and promote their services.

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And with the right Twitter management tools, it’ll be much easier to have the right followers and improve engagements.

How to get people to follow on Twitter?

As useful as Twitter is, it’s sometimes difficult to find the right people to follow. Depending on why you are on Twitter, getting the right people to follow could prove to be really hard.

People are on Twitter for different reasons. Some people are using Twitter personally to get the latest information on stuff that are matters to them.

Some people are using Twitter to follow their favourite celebrities, brands, football teams, businesses, colleges, and others. This type of person doesn’t usually tweet!

For businesses, being on a social media platform like Twitter is essential nowadays. However, it’s not just about having your business on Twitter, it’s also about ensuring that your business is active Twitter.


Following the right people on Twitter

It is very important to have the right followers and audience if you are using your Twitter to promote and market your business. This is where Twitter management tools can be of great help to you.

You can use Discover Tab on your Twitter profile to discover what’s happening or the latest activities on Twitter based on your profile information.

Also, you can go to Who To Follow section within your Twitter profile for a list of suggested followers. Twitter suggests followers based on your information and behaviours.

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Also, Twitter allows you to find friends and browse selected topics of interest. All these Twitter tools sound good but the problem is that they are not as robust as expected by power users. For you to get the most out of Twitter, it’s important to use the Twitter management tools listed below…

#1]. Sproutsocial

Twitter management tools, Sproutsocial
Probably the best Twitter management tool out there, Sproutsocial lets you seamlessly execute social media management and social customer care on Twitter from a single, scalable platform.

This is a powerful Twitter management tool for businesses that offers all the tools you need to grow your Twitter audience and improve engagement.

Also, brands can easily manage their Twitter profiles more effectively. Publish, engage, collaborate and analyze efforts using Sprout’s all-in-one social business platform.

Monitor and engage with your Twitter audience with ease. Engage with Mentions, DMs, replies, and more. You can set up keyword searches to discover engagement opportunities.

#2]. Tweepi

Twitter management tools,
Tweepi is a free Twitter tool that can help you find the most active or interactive people to follow and the inactive or deadbeats to unfollow. With this Twitter tool, user can flush the unfollowers (people you are following but doesn’t follow you).

You can also use Tweepi to reciprocate. This means you can easily manage and follow people that are already following but you are not following yet. Perhaps the most interesting feature of Tweepi is the ability to force certain followers to unfollow you.

This means you can use Tweepi’s Force Unfollow tool to filter people you don’t want to follow you and force them to unfollow. Mind you, Tweepi services aren’t completely free as there is a premium and free version you can try.


#3]. Socialbro

Twitter management tools,
SocialBro is an advanced management and analytics tool for Twitter. Their Twitter dashboard offers a clear summary of your Twitter statistics and what’s happening in your Twitter community.

The dashboard shows user the quality of their Twitter community not just the number of followers they have. It is a powerful Twitter tool especially if you are Twitter for business purposes.

Does it provide answers to such questions as who should I follow? How do I get more people to follow me? When should I tweet? SocialBro Desktop is available as a Chrome app, which can be run online or offline.

#4]. ManageFlitter

Twitter management tools,
ManageFlitter provides you with a set of easy to use tools to empower you to work smarter and faster with Twitter. With over a million users, it is more than just a great tool to help you follow a lot of people on Twitter.

You can turn your tweet into a Power Post by allowing ManageFlitter to send your tweets when a majority of your followers are online. Also, it gives you great insights to see how successful your tweets are through analytics.

You can unfollow those who aren’t following you back, fake accounts (spammers), inactive accounts, and much more. Use the powerful search functionality to find relevant people who you should be following.

#5]. CommunIT

Twitter management tools, Commun.IT
CommunIT is another powerful social media tool you can use to manage your Twitter. This tool doesn’t only help you get people to follow but also enable you to analyse relationships and gain insights.

CommunIT offers a lot of features for a free tool. It will help you find people you may want to follow based on up to three keywords or interests. It also suggests those you may want to unfollow, based on low influencer scores and low engagement with your content.

Another interesting thing about CommunIT is that it displays tweets that may deserve a reply. Users can also manage multiple Twitter profiles easily from a single dashboard.


5 Powerful Twitter Management Tools For Better Engagements [Updated]
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  • Twitter has become a big part of social media marketing. I think this is a good list of Twitter tools

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