Essential Keyword Tools For Bloggers To Create Better Content

keyword tools and keyword research strategies are essential for bloggers nowadays. This article features the main keyword tools for bloggers to create better content and grow their blog traffic...

keyword tools for bloggers to create better content

As a blogger, web traffic is the key to your blog growth. This is why keyword tools and keyword research strategies are essential for bloggers to drive traffic.

There is more to blogging than just posting great content and you have to be aware of this fact. In fact, you’ll have to drive traffic to your blog and consistently post new content.

As a matter of fact, getting people to read your awesome blog posts is where the main work is. Also, this is where the majority of the new bloggers usually struggle.

However, having the right keyword tools will offer you a great opportunity to come up with keyword-focused content that can help you drive more web traffic.

Keyword and organic traffic

For bloggers, organic traffic is essential and this is one of the reasons you need keyword tools to be able to create better content people will likely share.

However, you need to understand what organic traffic is and then strive to improve it. Organic traffic is search traffic that comes to your site directly from a search engine such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

Also, organic traffic is free traffic that you didn’t pay for. They are those visitors that land on your website by searching for a certain keyword via a search engine like Google.

A great tool like Google Analytics helps separate traffic that arrives at your site through a search engine result from traffic that arrives through other referring channels, like a paid advertisement or another site that links to yours.


In your reports, this traffic segment is called organic search traffic. For more information on traffic types, read about traffic sources here.

Keyword Tools For Bloggers

When it comes to blogging, you don’t just want to create anyhow content. As a matter of fact, one of the secrets of successful bloggers is their ability to create awesome content.

This is why keyword research strategy is essential for bloggers nowadays. This is because keyword tools play an important role when it comes to creating SEO-friendly content.

As a blogger, organic traffic is an essential source of web traffic that you should always strive to improve. With keyword tools, you can create SEO-friendly content around certain keywords to potentially drive more web traffic.

If you want to research keywords for your next blog post, we have compiled a list of keyword tools and planners. Below are some of the best keyword tools for bloggers to use:

#1]. Google Trends

Google Trends is where things happen. It is a platform run by Google that analyzes the popularity of top search queries Google Search across various regions and languages.

Google Trends is a great free tool that uses graphs to compare the search volume of different queries over time. Publishers and bloggers make use of this tool to pick up on trending topics to write about for better exposure.

This is one of the tools you need to create awesome content with keywords the world is searching for. You can use this tool to discover hot and trending topics to write about.

It lets you search specific trending keywords you can incorporate into your content. To bloggers and publishers are already using the tool to drive organic web traffic.

Use Google Trends to discover trending keywords

#2]. Social media research

Nowadays, social media has become a powerful tool for business marketing. However, bloggers can also use social media platforms for keyword research.

Start following your competitors and other sites of great interest that are operating within your niche. This can offer abundant keyword ideas for you to use in your content.


You can use social media analytics tools like Sproutsocial to understand social media audiences. You can easily uncover trends and actionable insights from social data to help you in your content creation.

#3]. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is a powerful keyword tool that you can use to take your keyword research game to the next level. You can easily find trending topics and run any potential ideas.

BuzzSumo lets you run a search to quickly discover content ideas. Also, you can uncover platform insights, identify passionate influencers, and many more with this tool.

#4]. SEMrush

There is no way we will talk about SEO and keyword tools without mentioning SEMrush. It is a great search engine optimization tool that helps people to rank up their websites.

This popular SEO tool specializes in keyword research, competitor analysis, and Google Ad campaign optimization. You can analyze your competitor’s website and you will be able to understand certain keywords that drive the most traffic to their sites.

In other words, SEO tools like SEMRush will help you figure out how much traffic is on the table for the keywords you want to incorporate into your article.

However, you will have to pay for SEMRush to get its true benefits. Does it truly worth being paid for? Well, SEMRush does the job it promises users. It allows you to enter any website and see all of the keywords that are driving traffic to their site.

Getting the best for your blog

There are millions of websites and blogs like yours out there, and they are all fighting to rank higher on the search engines. But how do you get the best for your blog?

Firstly, start by writing and posting SEO-friendly content that can be easily indexed by search engines. This is the best way to drive organic web traffic to your blog.

Using the keyword tools mentioned in this article will give you an idea of the keywords to use to drive organic traffic. After all, it’s all about researching new keywords to grow organic search traffic.




Essential Keyword Tools For Bloggers
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