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The ART of Street Marketing and Business Promotion

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Do you know how to use street marketing to promote your business? Street marketing is one of the most simple, inexpensive, and easy-to-implement types of marketing.

It is not a new way to market a business and in fact, it’s one of the oldest means of business marketing. So many small businesses have used it to promote their products and services.

This is basically a type of guerrilla marketing in which different methods are used to approach the customers directly. Guerrilla marketing may use the facilities of digital media as well, while street marketing does not.

It makes use of different methods such as the distribution of flyers, stickers, postcards, and sample products and services.

A door-to-door salesman, marketing stalls in shopping centres, festivals, and other public places are other ways of street marketing. If you want to avail the benefits of street marketing, you must consider hiring a street marketing company.

Hiring established street marketing companies

Usually, the best thing to do is to hire an established street marketing company to market your products and/or services provided you can afford them. Street marketing companies are experienced and have expertise in marketing methods.

street marketing

They take into consideration even the minutest factors that would affect marketing. They will target the most lucrative customers and will increase your sales significantly. However, if you don’t intend to hire a street marketing company, the following are the factors you must take into consideration in order to market your products successfully:

#1]. Brand your product and services

If you intend to establish a business to remain for a long time, branding your products and/or services will benefit you in the long run.


Usually, you will have to do some extraordinary stunt to grab the attention of people, because they are bombarded with hundreds of marketers like you daily.

This has turned them fickle. Your logo is a unique identity of your products and services and it will attract the most productive customers towards you during any marketing campaign.

#2]. Target the right audience

Targeting the right audience is one of the biggest factors affecting a marketing campaign. If not considered properly, all the hardships during street marketing may go futile. You must know your consumers well.

You must know their buying habits, needs, likes, festivals they like to attend and places where they like to be. To approach the right people:

  • Base your campaign in a region where businesses offering similar products and/or services are well established
  • Avail the opportunities of attracting high public traffic during appropriate festivals and other events
  • Market your products and services in shopping centers and other public places
  • Target different societies or localities where large number of productive customers reside
  • Use door-to-door salesman and catchy phrases like Hardees! Now in San Francisco on flyers and post cards

#3]. Assemble the right team

Street marketing is all about the ability of the spokesperson to impress and persuade people to buy your products and services. Therefore, it is necessary to collect people with the right communication skills.

A street marketer should have the ability to catch the attention of people, deliver the message and take feedback in a confident and charismatic way.


The Art Of Street Marketing And How To Successfully Use It To Promote Your Business
PIN IT: The Art Of Street Marketing And How To Successfully Use It To Promote Your Business
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  • Not many people know that marketing a new product particularly is not that easy and one surely has to get the right team on board.

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