How to Create Killer Interactive Content

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Marketing is all about trying to convince people to buy from you and with interactive content, you can easily generate more leads and improve your sales.

When it comes to content marketing, your main aim is to grab the reader’s attention. However, the best way to effectively do that is through interactive content.

In fact, top marketers regard interactive content as the future of content marketing. The era of static content – when communication is one-way – is going really fast.

Today, communication has become more interactive and engaging. As a brand or content marketer, interactive content offers you the best way to get readers involved and improve engagements.

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What is Interactive Content?

So, what is interactive content and how can it improve your marketing? Interactive content is a kind of content that requires active participation from the readers. Being interactive means carrying your audience along and getting them involved.

As a matter of fact, interactive content offers a great way to generate and nurture leads. Nowadays, content is no longer king; interactive content is the boss. Did you know that over 93% of marketers rate interactive content as effective at educating prospective customers?

Nowadays, marketers are increasingly turning to interactive content to grow their engagement rates. In fact, major companies like NYT, Buzzfeed, HBO, MOZ use interactive content as a marketing technique.

Types of Interactive Content

There are various forms of interactive content that you can use to boost content marketing. Depending on your requirements, you can use a quiz, a poll, or a survey.

Do you know that you can even make use of calculators as interactive content? Below are the different types of interactive content you can deploy:


#1]. Outcome Quizzes

You can use these quizzes for products or services recommendations. It can also be in the form of personality quizzes by mapping your results to any question.

#2]. Interactive Calculators

An interactive calculator makes calculations based on data provided by the consumer, generating a fully customized experience. Calculate everything and anything. No coding, no fuss.

#3]. Product Recommendation

Recommending a product to customers can influence their online purchase decisions. It’s a treat for eCommerce businesses. Questions are mapped to products that are linked directly to your ecommerce site.

#4]. Graded Quizzes

Much like a surprise school test but more fun. Grade customers on your product and attach incentives according to their scores!

#5]. Polls and Surveys

Don’t make them fill out long customer satisfaction forms. That’s counterproductive. Create product surveys and customer satisfaction polls or even polls like “how many in favor of a new foosball table at the office”. All are fair game.

Benefits of interactive content

So, what are the benefits of interactive content? In short, interactive content is highly engaging for online users and this actually helps improve user engagements.

Also, it acts as a powerful medium for marketers to collect valuable data for lead generation. In the long run, these data insights will guide your content marketing efforts and help you win loyal brand advocates.

Creating interactive content is easy, especially, with a great tool like Outgrow. The infographic below highlights some of the best ways to create interactive content:

how to create interactive content

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