How Internet Marketing Can Bring New Customers To Local Business

why small businesses need local SEO and marketing

No doubt about it, one of the best ways to promote and grow your local business is with internet marketing. The reason for this is because of the use of mobile devices, especially smartphones.

No matter where you go, people can be seen looking down at their smartphones.

Sometimes they are texting, and sometimes they are playing games, but studies show that when people are shopping and looking for information about a local service, it is their smartphone they are most likely to use.

This means that your local business needs to be found on the Internet, and there is no better way for this to happen than to hire an Internet marketing firm.

Grow local business with internet marketing

In today’s competitive market, a local business stands a better chance to gain new customers through search engines and internet marketing.

Gone were days when you would search keyword such as “Christmas tree shop” into Google search and you’d get results from all over the country. It didn’t matter if you were located in London, Manchester, or Surrey, you’d get the same top 10 results on Google SERPs no matter what.

But fast forward to today’s search marketing, search engines are much more intelligent nowadays as Google has made some major changes since that time, and now, search results are heavily influenced by the exact geographic location you are searching from.

Many search results nowadays even include maps, pinpointing a company’s precise location in relation to the searcher.


That means more personalized, localized results, and a better match for users in search of immediate help or services.

If your company relies heavily on local, geographic-specific business, then taking advantage of these search engine changes is crucial. It can lead to significant increases in business, sales, and revenues in the long run.

The following are three services Internet marketing firms can provide to help you capture your share of local business.

#1]. Optimizes your website for local search

It is important that your site be optimized for search engines so that all of the keywords that relate directly to your product or service are picked up by search engines, and then listed with a high ranking when a user enters the word or phrase.

Not only that, but search engines will list your company with all of the pertinent information that a shopper will need such as a phone number. Often a person is not interested in your website but only wants to know your address.

This along with your business’s operating hours, and you can get a new customer walking through your front door. Your company’s location should also be displayed prominently on a search engine map, so prospective customers can find your store.

#2]. Optimizes your website for mobile devices

You may think that your website is optimized for search engines, but this is completely useless if it does not display properly for a 3.5-inch or 4.5-inch screen found with most smartphones.

A good professional Internet marketing firm can make sure that your site both displays and functions properly for all of the most popular makes and models of mobile devices being used today.

#3]. Grows with sponsored listings

You may have done searches yourself for a particular product, and you may have noticed that there are a few sponsored listings that appear at the top of the results.

These listings are paid for and are determined by the words being searched for by the search engine user. There is no better way for your business to stand out from your competition.

Often there are certain types of products or services that are more common than others, and it is difficult to differentiate yourself, but sponsored listings are the easiest way to do this.


A professional Internet marketing company can use these listings to generate more phone calls and visits to your store than traditional local advertising can do for you.

So what next for you to do?

Don’t wait until your local competitors catch on to the importance of Internet marketing. Contact an Internet marketing firm for a consultation.

After they hear about the specifics of your business, they can explain how they can help you advertise to the mobile consumer.

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