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4 Examples of Gamification in the Workplace To Engage Employees

Elechi Emekobum By Elechi Emekobum 5 Min Read
gamification in the workplace

No career can be fun all the time. Most of the time, employees simply need to focus on their job duties and communicate effectively with colleagues.

But many modern workplaces are now incorporating gamification into their best practices. Why? Because gamification has the potential to boost employee engagement and productivity.

When workers feel truly engaged, they tend to invest themselves more fully into their job roles and stick with their employers for a longer period of time.

The driving psychological force behind gamification is tapping into human motivation. People tend to respond well to competition, collaboration, real-time feedback and the chance to hit goals.

Gamification in the Workplace

Turning certain workplace processes into games introduces “stakes” into the mix, so to speak. Plus, it’s simply more fun than many more straightforward methods of accomplishing tasks! Here are just four examples of gamification in the workplace.

#1]. Gamify Learning and Training

Does the word “training” send a shiver down employees’ backs? Maybe their reaction isn’t plainly apparent, but it’s undeniable that many people view training as dull at best, insufferable at worst.

Even if the concepts at hand are very important—or a legal requirement for certain employees—people tend to grumble when they have to step away from their desks to sit through a training session.

Gamification works particularly well in this context because it can liven up training while reinforcing core concepts.


According to the eLearning Industry, here are a few gamification elements that work well for corporate training in particular:

  • – Instant feedback to aid retention.
  • – Challenges related to learning objectives.
  • – Levels as part of a learning path.
  • – Points or scores to instil a sense of accomplishment.
  • – Leader boards to motivate achievement.

#2]. Host a Live Trivia Contest

Running a trivia contest used to require organizing a host of moving parts—writing utensils, paper, a scorekeeper, etc. But now you can make your own quiz online to simplify any trivia competition.

Taking advantage of an audience response tool cuts down on the time and effort it takes behind the scenes to execute a successful trivia contest for employees.

Participants need only their mobile devices to answer multiple choice questions in real time—and the screen updates to show a leaderboard following each question so everyone can see where they stand.

All in all, live trivia competitions add an exciting social element to staff meetings small and large without weighing on efficiency.

Turning work-related questions into an interactive live poll help respondents boost information retention while having fun.

#3]. Incentivize Employees to Hit Milestones

Your employees probably know what they’re working toward on paper—but do they feel a genuine sense of involvement in their work and drive to progress the longer they stay with your organization?

It helps to remind employees regularly of their short- and long-term goals. One way to do this is by clearly outlining milestones and offering rewards for reaching them.

For example, an employee might earn special badges within your company portal for completing high-level certifications to decorate their virtual portal wall.

The key to incentivizing employees in this manner is linking meaningful actions with appropriate rewards.

#4]. Recruiting New Hires

Companies need some way to gauge potential hires’ skillsets and aptitudes. Some organizations are turning toward gamification to smooth out the recruitment process for everyone involved.

As the “head of people experiences” for a professional services firm notes, they’ve had “a far more engaging assessment process through gamification” than through “old pen-and-paper numeric and verbal reasoning test”.


These four examples of gamification in the workplace demonstrate how organizations can integrate fun into their fundamentals with the ultimate goal of boosting worker engagement and productivity.


4 Examples of Gamification in the Workplace
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