7 Great Business Networking Sites That Will Grow Your Brand and Sales

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business networking sites to grow your brand and sales
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The main goal of every business owner is to grow their brands and sales. And luckily, there are great business networking sites out there that can help you achieve this.

A business is only as good as its online presence these days. Well, that might not be entirely true, but it’s certainly true that social media has the potential to drive a significant amount of sales

It’s important to understand this as a modern business owner. It’s also important to understand how to use business networking sites to your advantage in the digital age. 

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Business networking sites that can increase sales

We’re going to explore seven networking sites in this article, giving you a little insight into how they can benefit your business.

There’s a good chance that you’re already on one or two of the sites we’re going to list today.

That said, you might not totally understand how businesses are using these sites to their advantage. 

Hopefully, we can provide a new take on these sites and help you use them to move forward. Let’s get started:

#1]. Instagram

There is more to Instagram than just posting your pictures and funny video clips. You will need to understand how the platform actually works for businesses and learn how to increase Instagram engagement in order to get people to talk about your brand.

The fact is that Instagram is no longer simply a site for individuals to post pictures of themselves and their artisanal dinner plates. Millions of businesses have a presence on Instagram, and there’s a huge demographic of potential customers that spend a lot of time on the site. 


The user culture on Instagram has slowly shifted toward using the site to find and purchase products. This process is made easier for businesses through the use of sponsored posts and PPC advertising

#2]. Facebook

We’re going to assume you have some kind of presence on Facebook already. At the very least, you can use the site to communicate with your local customers and engage with the surrounding community. 

That said, using Facebook effectively allows you to draw customers to your site and your brick-and-mortar business. The intelligent use of PPC is a huge advantage for any business with a presence on Facebook.

Not to mention, you can use the site to network with other businesses, coordinate, and alert customers to your promotions. Another great part about Facebook is that it goes extremely well with your SEO campaigns.

The fact is that your content creation efforts can be boosted significantly through posts and shares on Facebook. It, as a result, will help increases your bottom line. 

#3]. Snapchat

Snapchat is another form of social media that appears to have only one function. People send pictures to each other, they get erased, and that’s that. In reality, though, Snapchat provides businesses with a great opportunity. 

The presence of “stories” poses a huge advantage to your business. You can market to individuals directly through their Snapchat story feeds and get high rates of engagement. That engagement comes from the fact that you can target specific, interested audiences. 

Additionally, Snapchat users frequently check their stories because it's an essential part of the experience. You can even use the site effectively from a desktop or laptop. Learn more about how to use Snapchat on Mac.

#4]. Facebook messenger

It may seem like Facebook and Facebook Messenger are one and the same, but they are not. Sure, they are run through the same account, but the fact is that they provide very different value to businesses.

It’s entirely possible to run a Facebook account without ever using Messenger the right way. Contacting users directly with promotional information and customer feedback responses can really increase sales.

So long as you are letting people know about your services directly, you will be way more likely to get their business.

#5]. Twitter

Twitter is a platform that allows you to express a little bit of personality alongside your business information. The site has 336 monthly users, and the network is tightly knit through a series of hashtags. 


That means that you can be found through seemingly unrelated posts if they are united by hashtags. The key is networking well through the site and establishing your page as one that posts interesting and relevant content. 

#6]. LinkedIn

You may have found your current job or a previous job through LinkedIn. The site is one of the first business social networking sites, and it provides potential employees with a lot of resources. That said, it provides businesses with contact with other business owners.

Depending on the nature of your business, this could be a huge advantage to you. Additionally, many people use LinkedIn just like they would Facebook or Instagram and check it often throughout the day. This gives you the chance to market, gain followings, announce deals, and more.

#7]. Yelp

Hear us out on this one. It’s essential that your business is accessible through the main business listing sites. Sites like Yelp or Google MyBusiness are crucial points of interest for your visibility online. 

There are a number of other sites that would be wise to be listed on, but Yelp is often the first place people go. The value of listing sites lies in the fact that they’re intimately connected to your SEO results.
Google’s algorithms intend to provide the most relevant sites in response to the user’s search. That means that whatever a user wants, Google is trying to provide it to them. If they slack on their results, the user might shift to Yahoo or Bing, for example. 

Any indication from users that your site is a good one is a huge advantage to your rankings in the search results. Business listing sites provide the opportunity for customers to leave reviews and give rankings. 

That means that any positive review you get from customers on these sights will make your web pages a whole lot more visible. Even positive comments without rankings provide value. Google’s algorithm is sophisticated enough to pick up on verbal cues that give it an idea of how people feel about your business.

So, it’s a smart idea to incentivize reviews and work with customers who don’t have a positive experience with your brand. The more you engage with those customers to help them out, the more people will find you through searches. 

Want to learn more?

There is a lot to learn about business networking sites and how they operate. When you start to get the hang of things and see results, though, you will realize how important these sites are. Explore our site for more information on how to grow your business online.



Business Networking Sites That Will Grow Your Brand and Sales
PIN IT: 7 Great Business Networking Sites That Will Grow Your Brand and Sales
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