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Best Alternative AI Content Creation Tools

Anthony Williams By Anthony Williams 9 Min Read

With AI content creation tools, you can automate content creation within seconds. But is this content any good for readers and Google?

Nowadays, content creation has been made easy thanks to Artificial Intelligence. With the right AI writing tools, anyone can now create awesome and valuable content that people are likely going to share.

If used smartly, AI content creation tools can help you raise the level of your writing skills and effectively finetune your SEO content strategy.

Additionally, you can use AI content tools to create generic content on a certain topic which you can then later edit accordingly for readability.

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How AI content creation work

Most of the AI writing tools are using Generative Pre-trained Transformer 4 (GPT-4) technology to help users to write and create human-like content.

It’s a language-prediction model that uses deep learning to create human-like texts. But how does the technology really work?

The way the technology works is you provide some input, like a topic or a paragraph of copy, and the AI continues writing for you.

Instead of the machine generating original thoughts, it draws on other texts already written on the topic. However, it must be said that the AI writes its own copy rather than plagiarizing other texts.

Different tools choose to use different inputs for the copy. Some of the tools edit the copy to make it more readable, while others insert keywords to optimize the copy for search.


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Building brand equity and awareness


Best AI content creation tools

Thanks to machine learning, you can now create content with ease in a matter of seconds. It’s all about being able to effortlessly generate killer content and AI writing assistant tools can help you achieve this goal.

From blog posts to emails and even ad copies, you can auto-generate catchy, original, and high-converting copies in popular tones and languages. Just pick a use case, enter some context and boom…your copy is ready!

To save you hours on AI tools research, we have combed the internet for some of the best AI writing tools that you can try now:

#1]. RytrAI

RytrAI is a powerful AI writing tool

Rytr is one of the best AI writers, content generators, and writing assistant tools out there today. The tool helps you create high-quality content, in just a few seconds, and it doesn’t cost much too.

This tool is powered by state-of-the-art language AI to generate unique, original content. It’s an all-in-one writing platform that uses SEO analyzer tools to find optimal keywords and create a well-written content brief.

It also offers powerful features for you to manage everything from one place — no more juggling with tools for SEO, grammar, and more while writing.

#2]. WritesonicAI

WritesonicAI is a powerful AI writing tool

Writesonic offers over 100 powerful features to help you generate high-quality articles, blogs, landing pages, Google ads, Facebook ads, emails, product descriptions, tweets, Instagram captions, and more in seconds.

You can use this tool to create highly engaging SEO-optimized long-form blogs and articles. Also, you can create marketing copy, essays, Facebook & Google Ads, and sales emails to increase clicks, conversions, and sales.

Moreover, the tool offers AI-driven editing tools like paraphraser, expander, and shortener to help you polish your content to perfection.

#3]. JasperAI

JasperAI is a powerful AI writing tool

Jasper (Jarvis) is one of the most popular AI writing assistants out there today. It is designed to generate marketing copy, such as blog posts, product descriptions, company bios, ad copy, and social media captions.


The AI content platform offers hundreds of templates to help you break through creative blocks to create amazing, original content faster.

Jasper offers features that include text and image AI generation, revision history, auto-save, document sharing, plagiarism checker, brand voice customization, Grammarly integration, and Chrome extensions.

#4]. QuillbotAI

QuillbotAI is a powerful AI writing tool

Quillbot is another powerful AI writing tool that takes text input and assists you with paraphrasing, checking grammar, identifying plagiarism, and more. It can rephrase your sentence, paragraph, essay, or article to your liking.

This is an easy-to-use AI tool you need to effectively enhance your writing skills because it helps you write better, faster, and smarter. It offers you several options to customize and perfect the reworded text.

Make your thoughts and ideas more coherent and fluent by rephrasing them with changes to vocabulary, tone, and style. Also, you can save time by using its summarizer and citation generator features.

#5]. ChatGPT

ChatGPT is a powerful AI writing tool

Probably the most popular name when it comes to AI writing tools, ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot developed by OpenAI.

This is a powerful writing tool and it is revolutionizing AI content creation. It is a conversation AI engine that enables developers to create chatbots and other conversational interface applications.

ChatGPT is an open-source tool with several useful features like text prediction, dialogue flow control, and natural language understanding.

#6]. RewordAI

Reword is a powerful AI writing tool

Reword is another powerful but easy-to-use AI writing tool you should try out to generate high-quality content. It’s a collaborative AI tool that can help you write better, people-first articles for your readers.

It’s a remarkable writing tool for content creators that can definitely help you streamline the content creation process. You can add natural internal links to your articles and use commands to accomplish anything.

#7]. HypotenuseAI

HypotenuseAI is a powerful AI tool

Hypotenuse is another great AI content generator that you can use to streamline your writing and image generation process from content ideation to co-creating entire campaigns with AI within a few minutes.

This is a powerful personal AI writing assistant and one of the best options that you can use to easily create engaging, well-researched content at scale.


Give this AI tool a few keywords and it’ll automatically create blog articles, product descriptions, artwork and more for you in seconds.

#8]. GrowthBarAI

Power your writing skills with GrowthBarAI

GrowthBar is an outstanding AI writing tool for researching, writing, and optimizing SEO content using intelligent algorithms and AI.

GrowthBar does keyword research, rank tracking, and backlink research like big SEO tools. It integrates with Google Chrome helps you and your team plan, write, and optimize long-form blog content with ease.

#9]. LatelyAI

Power your writing skills with Lately.AI

Lately is an AI-powered content repurposing engine and a social media management, employee advocacy and sales enablement syndication platform.

Also, you can use this AI generator to re-purposes longform content from multiple languages. Use this powerful writing tool to pinpoints the ideas, words and phrases that will get any target audience to click, like or share.

Stop guessing what to write. Splices up longform text, audio or video content into dozens of high-performing social posts – which include audiograms and video clips – based on your unique writing model.

#10]. ArticooloAI

Power your writing skills with ArticooloAI

Articoolo is another great AI writing tool that you can use to amazing create content. It helps writers create textual content by making the creation process quicker, cost efficient, and much more pleasant.

The tool lets you create new articles, rewrite old articles, generate titles, summarize articles, and find images and quotes to support your articles.

After entering the keywords, the AI writing tool will generate a short article, typically under 500 words. Also, Articoolo offers a powerful WordPress plugin for a seamless content creation and sharing process.

AI Content Creation Tools To Use Right Now
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  • This is a great list! So many people just use ChatGPT and don’t bother to explore all the other great options out there. It’s exciting to see how many new options show up every week!

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