Initial Steps to Take to Attract the right Investors to Your Business

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entrepreneurs attracting the right investors to their business

At times, attracting the right investors could be daunting in entrepreneurship. Also, being able to raise capital for your business could be really hard nowadays.

As an entrepreneur, your primary aim is to grow your business and take your venture to the next level. However, securing the right amount of additional investment to make that possible is sometimes not easy.

Even with a potentially successful business plan in place, attracting the right investors still remains difficult. So, how do you attract investors to your business? It’s not just about being able to make a profit and having a clear scope for extension.

The problem is that so many other businesses are also vying for the same pot of cash. This is why you should be clear about how your business operates and how much potential is in what you’re doing.

Attracting the right investors to your business

Nowadays, it’s not easy to raise capital to finance a business. You should aware that investors are looking for the best bet in most cases. Therefore, entrepreneurs will have to do more to be able to attract the right people to your business.

You have to do as much work removing doubt as you do highlighting positives. There are, however, some simple steps that you can take to help your business more attractive to potential investors. You don’t even need to change all that much to your current approach.

It’s much more about improving impressions and aesthetics than altering the way your actual business operates. In short, these are more cosmetic changes to consider, which will help make what you’re doing a far more attractive proposition.

Attracting the right investors to your business

Increase Your Networking

You will have to make your business much more of a known proposition by increasing your networking. As a small business owner, you can do some soft pitching before the actual serious financial discussions begin to happen.


This will help you to build a rapport with potential investors. Also, you’ll have an existing relationship in place to build on when the right time comes. Nowadays, networking is no longer a face-to-face pursuit.

This is because you can use business-focused sites such as LinkedIn to expand your reach. You can effectively leverage the social media platform to naturally grow awareness of what you’re doing online, which may also count in your favour.

It’s good to always have an ‘elevator pitch’ prepared should the time ever call for it. You should be aware that the business world is sometimes as much about who you and what you know. So, it’s never going to count against you to have a wide range of contacts.

It is also helpful to know the right sort of company to target. Such firms such as Downing LLP is worthy of consideration as one of their latest deals included a £2.5million investment in ADC Bio.

Have Initial Results To Show

While it’s one thing to have a long list of what you have done and how you have done it – which may well be impressive in its own right – what investors wish to hear about most are bottom lines and results.

Without having the relevant facts and figures ready to present in a digestible manner, there is essentially no proof to back up the viability of your business. It’s not always the simplest thing to secure given that initial capital is required to reach a client base to start with.

However, it’s helpful to have a set of data available to back up the work you have been doing. You should equip yourself with careful extrapolations to show how much difference the additional cash injection would make.

One of the key negotiating tactics is to highlight the return on investment and make this a forefront of your pitch to anyone with a potential interest. If you want to increase the likelihood of a deal being done, you need to show a clear route to how investors could profit and in what time frame.


Initial Steps to Take to Attract the right Investors to Your Business
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